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Before we get to our guests that want to play a clip of the guy. We're going to spend some time talking about a guy our guest used to work for yesterday on the floor of the United States Senate. Rand Paul forced to vote dismissing the impeachment charges. It failed 55 to 45. But It, Uh He made a hell of a case on this issue, he scolded Democrats is well, here is Rand Paul doing? Just that Cut 10 go. Democrats insist on applying a test of incitement. To a Republican that they refused to apply to themselves. Want the Democrats to raise their hands if they have ever given a speech that says, Take back fight for your country who hasn't used the words fight figuratively. And are we going to put every politician in jail? We could impeach every politician who has used the words fight figuratively in a speech shame, shame on these angry, unhinged partisans who are putting forth his sham impeachment, deranged by their hatred of the former president. Their range by their hatred of the former president. Joining US tow talk about that in the Senate procedures and everything is our go to is the official Senate parliamentarian of the Derek Hunter show. Brian Darling, President of Liberty Government Affairs. Brian, How are you? Good. How are you doing? I'm doing Well, I'm doing well. Yesterday, your old boss gave a barn burner of a speech down there on the floor of the Senate. Now, first, we'll explain how it was through Senate rules because it was just supposed to be. They get the article of impeachment. They're sworn in as jurors. But Rand Paul managed to use procedures and Senate rules to force This vote yesterday. How you explain that? Well, the rules of the Senate go from a Congress to a Congress, so they have existing rules that are in the Senate's rules that just go on and on, and one of the rules allows for a senator to get up and say. I believe that what we're doing is unconstitutional and that would that triggers a vote in the Senate. And when when that happens, Basically, the chair will say This is a question for the body of but the question of the body. Shell, the shell. The ruling stand, and so what happens is basically the chair said. You know, it's not. We're not going to dismiss the charge. Or unconstitutionality, And that's why you see a vote 55 45 saying. Shall the ruling. Stand on? Basically, Rand Paul got 40 45 votes he didn't get. He didn't get a majority, so they basically table his motion and pushed to the side. So they didn't have to deal with it. But ultimately this shows that they do not have the 67 votes necessary to convict President Trump. So the trial's over effectively now, But You know Rand, Paul, You know, I'm obviously biased. He's my former boss. But he's right because he basically made the case that the concept of purpose of impeachment is to remove a president. It was committed a high crime or misdemeanor. And President Trump is not president anymore. He's a private citizen, so it makes no logical sense to move forward with impeachment. When you're trying a person who's in Who's a private citizen. He's no longer president. How does that work as president? A president, A sitting president has a lot of resource is at their disposal that they we saw them on display when Donald Trump was impeached, the first time by Democrats for partisan reasons. You can exert executive privilege he can you know he has the White House counsel's office. He can do all sorts of things that a former president cannot. How is that going to work? Because what he's accused of doing bogus Lee is an act while he was president. They are they going to allow him to retroactively exert executive privilege, Or doesn't that seem like Violation of the rights of the defendant in this case. Yeah, I mean, when you think about it if the Senate says You know we're going to subpoena documents from the president. They're going to be sending it to the Biden administration. And so you're counting on the Biden administration to protect the rights of former President Donald Trump, which You know, isn't going to happen. So there's problem number one and the fact that you know that Donald Trump doesn't have the benefit of having the counsel's office to help in his defense. You know when when there's the resource is that Congress has a subpoena power and everything that they have is immense compared to what Donald Trump's gonna have to do is basically assemble legal team and put together his own defense and You know, it's it's pretty one sided. But again, you know, the bottom line is this is the whole purpose of this is to remove somebody from office who's done something horrible. That basically get them kicked out of office. And what the opponent with the supporters of impeachment are saying is because in the Constitution that says not only that you get removed from office You can get banned from ever holding office again. That makes it all OK, we can do it anyways. Even though we all know the primary purpose of impeachment is removal, and you know, we've had a situation the past where we had somebody who was tried who was out of office. They resigned before they were impeached by the House. In the Senate of the same thing. Then they had overwhelming vote against conviction because it was an unconstitutional process. Now the talking to Brian Darling about the impeachment trial the upcoming impeachment to be the day after the Super Bowl. We already know what the conclusion is going to be judged by the vote yesterday. Mm. The Chief justice of the United States, John Roberts presides over impeachment trials of the president of the United States. He wasn't there yesterday. He's not going to participate. And this Pat Leahy. The president Pro TEM of the Senate. Very, very old, is actually hospitalized last night briefly for whatever reason..

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