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Morning I just I found I guess it, would be morose. Lawyer. Something like that okay, our Rosa by morning I that lying that asks right. Off something like that Something like that the, whole song? Would. Be another Jewish he's a big deceiver, I mean the. Whole. Song would be nothing, but about how she's just that person you know yeah I don't know you, don't do? Now I'm so glad. You didn't do that I'm telling you I could go there and I. Think it would work better than Macarena I like to my idea which was at all Is. That what you're right now was oh my Sharona Was in bad except I mean, the, singing of Begun on it I. Mean it's just it's not? Like, a great vocal you know what I mean well, we went with, releasing already now Whoa whoa whoa that? Was, for my your dress down comment Seriously when I was in. Little, league. We. Were assured just like that under a uniform There you, go so still considering it still kicking around every time, I bring up a parody parody should I do The listeners. In the viewers they get a hold of me they want me to do desperado, every single song That isn't good song morose I can't, do it for every song I've done it. For so many already yeah although it is my mom's? Favorite. Song so it wouldn't be horrible to do that I guess. It would be if that's your mom's favorite yeah Unlike you and carry wearing? So Do that maybe. She didn't know one hundred percent my mom didn't call it say what's up with. Kerry Wow is she gonna? Play is she she actually said that. She had a softball team what's happening after the show No Championships in the playoffs to the softball league, now not. Yet we're just started so I don't have a parody. Today I'm considering. Morosi you. Liar I'm considering. That we'll. See Let me ask you this and then I'm, gonna move. Past on Russia because I'm done with it but the. President I guess. Tweeted out. That she's a. Dog yes He, actually just said you're she's a. Dog Let me I can find the exact. Tweet us maximum under give you this upfront we're going to do some Trump tweets and who's gonna let you know because. I just go ahead, and, open it up I'll open up the Trump tweets we'll just do it that way Why did. It yesterday and I think. That they wanted to come back. Now here's in tweeted much today so? I'm not really sure about? When did he say, the dog comment, did he raise home on I. Want to say was this morning Really I see, Alabama, coal. Mine. Okay I haven't councils from August August fourteenth at six thirty one a. m. what Lucy hold on now I got open it up don't do it I have a terrorist. Attacks in London Is that. Up here it is okay let's open Trump tweets.

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