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I know i did you do now so you know off at outta my jets class i just going to do a contact sport you gotta wear glasses look a little assuming you're not in jets class i carry teddy bear glass doesn't back that you get to call it jets class yeah fucking pisses me off doing doing jit's i wanna take jujitsu just to fight you because you use listen you can call jetsons take jets class i understand you think you could fight him because he's the puerto rican clark kent right now let me chill filed gardens knit guests everybody you fucking gnome you love them returning i fucking monday show he is the he's the lady in the streets to my horn the sheets right stan soda everybody dan soder joining the whole time i thought you were talking about me it's rare we get you on your do so it's very exciting that you're here tonight we fucking love having everybody larry sean patton joining us shown the general the jim nelson who's not about just expand the body but the mind as well so the glasses i've been reading a lot of jujitsu manual do do a lot of thinking by koi ponds i'm getting bodies a weapon but i also need to restrain my mind silencer with great power comes responsibility moreover that fax harnessing my cheek cock sucker super consider hey cabbie can you fuck it keep it down with your pity pop music i'm trying to get new as n place back here speaking i was at a turkish bath with with shift gear and he told me a story about you and him being there yep about comedy and someone was like you guys keep it down this is like my relaxation time and you're like i'll fucking come over there and break your neck right.

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