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Midway airport, details from WGN state Arabic. Long line of passengers waiting to rebook their flights after being canceled. Some people have been dealing with this for days on end. There were nearly 5500 flight cancellations across the country in Southwest Airlines accounted for many of those issues. So for those who are traveling later this week, it is a good idea to check in before you head to the airport, the airline apologized to customers for what it called falling short. Many travelers have also been trying to track down lost luggage. In many cases, their bags wound up in cities other than Chicago. Here we go again, Chicago police are warning drivers on the south side about a series of car thefts all involving various Hyundai models. CBD has reported a number of robberies involving Hyundai and Kia vehicle citywide lately. WG and Steve ruxton reports. In this latest string of the CPD says four vehicles were stolen in the woodline neighborhood and just the past week, and they had all of the victims parked them on the street and found the missing when they returned, but they say Hyundai is in Kia's are being targeted because of videos on social media explaining how to quickly steal the vehicles. Steve rocks, that WGN news Chicago police are looking for two suspects who reportedly shoved a 26 year old man into his own car and forced them to withdraw money from an ATM before they stole his car. Investigators say it happened around 10 p.m. on a Christmas Eve on the 800 block of west cornelia avenue. These residents were surprised by news of the incident. I did not know about these event happening here. I haven't heard about it or anything. Police say the man was dropped off more than 17 miles away in the city's auburn Gresham neighborhood. The suspects are described as wearing dark clothes and ski masks. A Rosemont man was charged with threatening a police officer outside a bar on Christmas Eve. Villa Park police responded to a disturbance just before one 30 a.m. outside tomato saloon, officers arrived and spoke with 24 year old Ryan mcgovern and his brother Aiden, who allegedly began advancing toward them and verbally assaulting the officers. Du page attorneys say Ryan allegedly threatened an officer with an automatic weapon and was arrested. He was charged with one count of threatening a public official, a class three felony, his brother was charged with a misdemeanor, Don kleppin WGN news. The winter storm that swept across the U.S. last week and continues to cause problems in many parts of the country. WGN Shannon halligan is born. Power outages were reported from Washington state to Maine in California hundreds of flights were canceled in San Diego international airport. In Jackson, Mississippi, several water main breaks left residents without water. We have dirty water. Water coming into my bathroom, smelling like a sewage. There were unusually frigid temperatures in Tampa, Florida. It's extremely cold. I can't feel my fingers. On Sunday, Miami's daytime high of 50° became one of that city's coldest Christmas days on record. Ukraine is negotiating details of a peace summit, the AP's at Donahue has that story. Ukrainian foreign minister dmytro koliba tells the AP Russia could only be invited to such a summit if the country faces a war crimes tribunal first. Not to allow Russia to minim manipulate the issue of peace because they regularly say that they are ready for negotiations, which is not true, because everything they do on the battlefield proves the opposite. Kaliba says Ukraine would like the summit to be held at the United Nations in February, with secretary general Antonio Guterres moderating. He has proven himself to be an efficient mediator. Koliba says Ukraine will do whatever it can to win the war in 2023, adding quote, diplomacy always plays on a board and role. He also downplayed comments by Russian officials that they are also interested in negotiating an end to the war. And hospitalizations here in Chicago are starting to rise and doctors are urging people to get the bivalent booster vaccine. Doctor Peter hotez of Texas children's hospital told WGN Steve Dale yesterday. The booster is different from past boosters. It's specifically designed to hold up better against these new Scrabble variants. Hotez says getting the buy a valid booster will keep you out of the hospital. China is also experiencing a surge in COVID cases where vaccines they are not holding up. WGN sports time is 1204. The Houston Rockets ended the bulls three game win streak with a one 33 one 18 win at the united center, demar Derozan led the bulls with 31 points Zach lavine had 22 points and 5 assists in the loss. The bears preparing for the Detroit Lions in week 17 have no plans to shut down Justin Fields for the remainder of this season, according to head coach Matt eberflus, Illinois football made their trek to Tampa ahead of their January 2nd bowl game against Mississippi state and a lie hoops drops out of the top 25 after their loss to mizu. Caitlin sharkey, WGN news. Tuesday's high temperature climb sit nearly 30°, we'll see a mix of clouds and sun for Tuesday night we're down to 23 temperatures nearly steady. Wednesday we're dry with more sunshine, the high temperature 43, low 50s for Thursday with a chance for rain Thursday and Friday. I'm WGN meteorologist Demetrius ivory. Thank you, Demetrius, and we'll just have to suffer through a little more cold before those temperatures start to warm up. And we have partly cloudy skies across Chicagoland with Windsor of the west northwest at 5 mph. And it's a good thing those winds are light because it is cold and temperatures are dropping as well. Currently we

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