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Is brought to you by cap it credit union the president is taking another jab at the top republican in the senate jerry bowed lander reports for the second time in less than 24 hours the president took to twitter to criticize senate majority leader mitch mcconnell for the gop inability to overturn obama care he tweeted quote can you believe that mitch mcconnell who has screamed repeal and replace for seven years couldn't get it done must repeal and replace obamacare exclamation point the tweets follow mcconnell's comments earlier this week that the president had excessive expectations about how quickly the repeal of obamacare could be implemented jury bowed lender washington following up at a story we told you about yesterday governor butch otter looks like he is ready to get back to work here you i two tvs kelsea anderson reports governor otter is back at work in the state house this morning he tweeted he's glad to be back in his offense and governor is recovering from two back surgery is to address a bulging desk he got an infection after the second and that slowed his recovery well now that he's back dance to these men are views that candidates for an open theme on the idaho supreme court is expected to appoint a replacement before the end of the month once again that's kboi two tvs kelsea anderson last month the bill was introduced to rename a post office in payette after harmon killebrew professional baseball players who could be one of the greatest athletes who ever lived in idaho congressman rao will labrador was the one who created the bell he was a guest on six seventy kboi and said the honour was based on more more than bean idaho's greatest athlete what most significant about him but not effort on the pale he was really do that truly a good empire man a new crane who corp charitable akberg labrador shared this is one of the fun things he gets to doing congress and as excited to work with families that have given so much to that community labrador as the candidate for the idaho governor position in two thousand eighteen his campaign opponents are physician and develop our tummy al quest and lieutenant governor brad little thailand martin thick seventy kboi temperature's a little cooler today the orange air quality alerts.

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