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A lot of sense you have because try that with his own way enough with them Mike it's been awesome hang with you today man it is man so fun hanging out with the we gonna do this again thank you so much for having me on such and such a pleasure catching up yeah it's not a lot of fun happy new year to you yeah Mike someone of the book is called Israeli soul he left us with this recipe for that awesome taking a shake you can find it at splendid table dot org okay so I kind of alluded to it earlier but for whatever reason the last few months I have ten slightly obsessed with collecting people's food disasters and I don't exactly know why maybe it's just something in the air the times we live in but I'm gonna keep collecting them and in the meantime America's test kitchen told us about an episode of their new podcast proof where they took a look at what happens when flavor disasters happen on purpose producer Sarah joiner spend months reporting on a story about the worst jelly beans after jelly belly candy company is in the business of making bad flavored beans I came across a product they have it's called bean boozled and I became completely fixated on it I know that sounds strange but stick with me it's a bag full of jelly beans with a bunch of colors are mixed together it's sort of relaxed for your taste buds each color could be a good flavor or a really horrible one in the horrible ones they're really bad the taste exactly as build dead fish rotten egg stinky socks it's like you're actually eating those things so my curiosity got the best of me I spent months investigating all with the hope of figuring out how what's in these bad flavored beans and how in the world do they make them first I turn to my colleagues as test cooks at America's test kitchen they're skilled at tasting at sort of pursing out the components of food and coming up with recipes so I convinced an unlucky few to help me in my endeavors oh my goodness okay well on the back we have a five by four grand of different jelly beans summer good Kay and some of them are terrible dog food all the cheese stinky socks it is that just well it's not it's not I can tell you that much I'm getting like a garbage she waiver why am I this is offensive I'm offended as a bomb yeah that's far that's bar flavor gel both the state I would not even be here so I guess how they got away with with doing that all right just like what he did his father I don't know I don't even know did they just have like a closeted jelly belly where everything is terrible at the start of the flavor reject it was supposed to be good and then it starts a little bit and then they just roll with it we make it all the time like no this one takes the parkinsonism with before like okay but it was actually.

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