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Sixty two and Alameda all just a couple minutes. We have some breaking news on the the cavenaugh appearance next Monday. But I want to tell you about anchor funding. That's two words. You gotta remember if you want to save money. It's real simple. If you own a home in California, we all know, it's especially if you've known for the last ten years, if you bought a home before like say, oh, wait, you know, what's happened in the last? Ten years. You've got a lot of equity in that home. But what's your mortgage rate interest? Have you in the last five or six years sought to lowered? 'cause there's a good chance you could save hundreds of dollars each month anchor funding will do that you call anchor funding at eight hundred three three three five one five seven and you talk to Kevin Lyons. He's a buddy of mine for ten years. He's been he had this California base lending company that helps people lower their mortgage rates. Effect. What he does. He's kind of like a clearinghouse. He finds a lowest possible interest rate for you and locks it in and you don't pay him in in the Bank pays that money to him for help. And find you and you did he did it for me lowered my interest rate. I gotta no points no fees on I say seven hundred dollars a month. Now, I don't have a lot of credit card debt. But if you do and you have equity in your home think about this. You can get you're gonna get along based on your equity for a small percentage of interest of what you're paying now on a credit card or an outstanding other kind of a line of credit or maybe even a car loan. So what if you paid half of the interest? Do you know how heavy those interests sometimes as loans are interest only with balloon payments? That's not good. I apple Theresa she called Kevin lines..

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