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Now the dig into that in a few minutes at the anyway i don't know if that's the that's the media are are crazy a rabbit whole to get into all the simulation stuff suffices they i had to see renting is pretty awesome atas of what it does for the money if you wanted to get that out of a real snat and the hoops you'd have jumped out to get there it actually is is quite a bit more expensive yes it's certainly accurate yeah super league easy right looks really ed it's just it's a it's a it's a quality products on a featureless it's is not the other the other want to run carts riot and is as accurate and goodlooking is possible the seems like this is ford that sort of enthusiasm i'm left wanting more features editor the biggest surprise to me is what it is not based on what they did with the nc many which could play at the end of its life could play game boy and not not officially while the right oh it's weird loophole of well technically they never advertise it as such but yes unofficial from i let eight or ten others adams ya are now playable on the nc many right so you kind of assumed that they would maybe do something similar but what i never iwk but also i i suspect that we will see something happened with this down line that that is a firm where did not hit day one that took some time to jim i i don't think i bought an anti many until that stuff started happening for me it's when you get into like the the super into use like half the price of the nc many like they're going right where mainstream with the stuff to the point where it's because originally out of the single like oh shirley there will be a genesis core for this at some point because they would probably dutch rather cells accolade exempted at genesis aglet that they probably are going all the stuff back for future products right like maybe they'll get to the point where it's like all right here's one box the police everything up through six data's been what capturas has been out there talking about wanting to do for a long time but now you know.

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