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If you want to know that got AJ Mitchell AJ Mitchell's studio, all my friends, let's play this track. What do I what do people? What do I need to know? Yes. So for this long for me with like whenever whenever I listen to this on. I'm kind of at that point in my life were all my friends are lydian relationships. All of them are falling in love on the only person is just not. I'm just waiting. I'm just waiting for someone to just walk in my life. And you know, it it just feels right? So you're open to meeting someone you love for it to happen the right person. But so far not have. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. So I'm not I'm not looking for anything if something does it clicked in. It's not right. But if I think, you know, it'll just happen. You know, I'll be someone. It'll just be there. It to all your friends that are in these ships you guys. Yeah. To all your friends are in these relationships. You guys are making AJ feel really bad. Yeah. Thanks, guys. Disturbing not happen. Good friends. I have fallen. Islas doing AJ Mitchell. All my friends check this one or two point seven kiss FM. These rooms got a lot of space crowded, but only play. Day before with double days everywhere going once he face pictures on. Good times how he tried. It. Don't get you out of my head. Did any to deny is everybody? Everybody knows something. A good thing. Friends..

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