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Life dot org now Mrs Johnson before we close on your mortgage loan I want to make sure you remember Mike hi you can trust me African American just like you so here's the low monthly payments and interest rates we promised and here's where they travel the rest of the stuff is just here to make sure that we get your house when you can't pass back what a lovely house predatory lenders are never this easy to spot call us at eight six six two two two fair and protect yourself with the fax a public service announcement brought to you by the national fair housing alliance and the ad council my name is Dale prison scheme I'm nineteen years old and this is how I live United I've always been kind of computer geek I found a way to use those skills to help the homeless in my community for people facing hard times computer skills and basic resume are so important may seem like a small thing but it makes a huge difference in people's lives so with United Way I created a program for I work with the homeless together we go through their whole chart history prior resume and then say that on the very own USB drive to provide workbooks and training certificate even budgeted for cupcakes so you can celebrate as a class from one of our people gets a job that's huge when somebody says Hey man that job they only apply for I got it that's what living the night and feels like to me my name is Dale presence can help people achieve financial independence so I don't just wear this shirt I love it give advocate volunteer living on it good living on a dot org brought to you by United Way an ad council.

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