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So when when did you start like 'cause I didn't weren't you guys focused initially on a more arm be stuff? Now, the all can then on the arm. Be stuff didn't come until nineteen sixty Vigliotti sixty three the thing that was the big impact. Still remember the first time we all heard love me do the Beal boy that was the key key in the mission. Yeah. Of that creative to write to start to start doing written. Yeah. What was that sixty two? That was love me do late sixty two sixty three. On the on the. On the title of that. A friend. Tom ROY at school who had all this book. Dylan the guy with the records. He had a guy would erect Ataullah Jimmy read only hookah. Yeah. You know, Allie move letting Hopkins all that stuff here. I would ask when we start to listen to it. We didn't play much of it kind of places we were playing people want to dance to have what was in the top twenty. That's what we were doing. Immediately wanted to stop playing these bluesy stuff. Yeah. At the same time is that we saw go Eichel Johnny kids. Yeah. Gyco Johnny Kidd and the pirates. Yeah. And joining kid was was. Had a free piece band. No with them tall league. Vice drums and singer. Little interesting trio might more money. We started to do Johnny kit. Covers. They were kind of like halfway between the blues and pulp and because you tight rhythm guitar away. It was the perfect thing for guitarist lack of pates to become. He's a he's he's mean. Full flower. Right. It was the perfect vehicle because he really kinda rhythm rhythm. Yeah. And then you could go from pre some kind of sallow and expand on it. Yeah. And so we we started to do Johnny Kidd covers and we will join kid mimic band. But it used to go down. Great. And I could sing the shit out of that. Yeah. And then slowly. But surely we start introducing I only wolf. They always thing. And you're living in wanted. We worked at time where we live in living in London. Yeah. So like at that time like were you see in the stones around? We've seen any of them around. The stones had their first hit and sixty light sixty three. It was very sewn comb camman. Yeah. Yep. And they were playing down the road from us. They used to play the same clubs. Yeah. On a few occasions. We supported them as their support. And of course, we saw the most to be good friends upon Brian Jones. Yeah. Was he a good guy? Really nice go. Great with Brian. What about Terry Reid? Terry. Now it didn't. He was Scottish when the was. Yeah. Right. I mean, you can still see the chops. Oh, yeah. He go. He's the one who taught me about this that you know, like in London at the time that the booze guys they were the pop guys. But there was also this kind of white arm be trip going on that there were real soul singers in Britain at the time. I didn't know about that was Stevie. We moved to. Go. Chris follow. Gyco Georgie fame Zoot money. There's only. Yeah. It was really good stuff going on and coast..

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