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You know, and you have many countries where end even the inner city is America where most of those passers by vocational and and just showing an example like in in San Francisco, which is the most think it's the most expensive city in America. Now you've got, you know, our our passers are all working and none of our paid by the church. We have a church with zero budget so own. The money goes to the poor and two missions and and yet it's operating fine. So just showing that it's possible and I would even say it's, it's been really helpful in this environment. When people are skeptical, we're just trying to come up with a way to do research and showing people's ad. It's possible, but I'm not saying that it's the only way to do it. I, as you say that, I thought, I wonder if you, let's say, you know you, you. Hopped in a time machine and use zapped back, you know, a few years back and you're a younger, Francis Chan and you're out yonder you're about to start cornerstone church. What would you tell yourself? I would say go to the scriptures breed. The scriptures start with a blank piece of paper, you know, and the scriptures to start writing down like what would please God most and according to the scriptures, you know, what does he want of the church? How how did he envisions short, he'd die for what? If things most emphasized and work on those things? I. Because step one to me was, you know, back then was okay. I gotta put a sermon together. Step two is I got to gather people together to hear my sermon. So let's find a place to do that. Step three was I gotta gather someone to, you know, a band or so wanna lead worship. You know, it's just like, here's the steps, but did I get that from scripture right? Or did I get that from? Well, this is what everyone dies and I don't know. My that list would look different. If I started with the scriptures and really prayed it through in really sought face God. That was Francis Chan, make sure to check out. His new book letters to the church. It comes out..

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