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As they do every week to the wins jimmy fund radio telephone moxie soda distinctively different bogart's with nineteen rbi's in his last eleven games coming into the brake run today number sixteen he's at sixty four is already surpassing last year's total he's just four extra base hits shy of his twenty seventeen total and had come in and this went batting at three seventy eight in a clip overs last ten games today russia's one for four but a big shot billy solo home run in the first inning four hundred twenty three feet of bogart's bets clearly pacing the team this week the check of the xfinity scoreboard as you mentioned the yankees loss in that would have five the to win four cleveland trevor bauer started the game with seven innings seven tour and runs that game those still scoreless they brought in carlos carrasco out of the bullpen would pick up win number eleven was all hands on deck for the indians today of course every team going into the all star break cody allen got his twentieth save of the year as the indians able to muscle out tanaka was pretty good six two third two runs allowed the chad green it's up taking loss he falls the five and two they split the series the yankees through their progressive field that allows the red sox take that extra lead that now four and a half game lead in the american league east as they head into the break a couple of other scores out there baltimore still holding on against texas sixtyfive five that game had a pretty long rain delay in it the game in the top of the ninth right now nationals on top of the mets six to one the brewers have taken a lead back at pittsburgh homerun in that game from travis shaw his eighteenth year five to three milwaukee on top and pittsburgh and detroit right now up sixty two on houston despite verlinde starting that game verlinden in line for the loss at this point bottom of the seventh when coming up we'll take a final look at some of the numbers in this one and get you ready for the second half and also a an injury note on iran from alex cora coming out of the socks post game we'll fill you in on what that is as we continue here on.

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