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It played the diagram. You are here eight. You're in the middle about the character. I mean I I was actually Kinda surprised to kind of really because I thought they were doing something weird with daredevil in this 'cause I thought they were going to have that daredevil knew that Ronin Hawkeye with the same guy. 'cause he's daredevil so obviously he's going to be able to know this but it's like headed symbiosis. Yeah that is. That's argument Louis but really practice. It's like why are you always naked? But Yeah I mean Yeah I. I wasn't sure what they're GONNA do that. Daredevil thing but it's just like they're making fun of blind guy enters the Auto Schmidt. Art Work Together. Why did not sure how I feel about the Ellen de Hawkeye? That was a little weird. I know it's weird now. I mean I'm using that time that's your name. And she had it first time machine that he had the now like he found like all Scrawl subway yes everything which way. Okay at first. I thought they were going to do it. When Hawkeye shows up than daredevil was going to be dressed as Ronin because he actually was working cool on it but no you also is that daredevil. Doesn't show up in the meeting you know. Oh that's gotta be something but on being just a red herring But yeah I mean it's great. It's fun it's in the book too. Yeah yeah it was humorous late. I don't think people really got met humorous part of Hawkeye. Yes but I don't know I'm just here for this book. Why and I definitely think the thing with okay is that he is kind of. He's kind of he's kind of as I said before. He is the his marble struggle. You Know He. It's very kind of in his own head and kind of full of himself. Very good at what he does. Maybe has been over Infiniti go but also can back it up often often too so you know yeah I mean like I said this is like the First Hawk I. I think it's it's it's been so clear that it's like not a lover eight. Hawkeye you know just dichotomy. Well Yeah you get the whole thing about like people were like you know. The Hood is a problem but rodents a bigger problem right now which kind of thought was also kind of out of character for daredevil. But you know then everyone's character lately so I'm not gonNA say the whole. They would dare devil lately. I don't know I feel like it. Lines up with that relate when you think about the character late that you love like your favorite runs definitely not not. You're near double free agent again. And then he's over in force works and then he's apparently no score jr in the Captain America books. So you know it's like what's going on with US AGENT. Everyone's all over the place and again it's at Twenty Twenty Comic Book. Moral Great. I mean yeah. You often have that thing with the timelines. Don't quite mesh but it just seems really blatantly characters that are you know it's like it seems like no one is they're saying. Oh don't use this character right now because we've got an arc for them or that they're going to be in this book so use a different character who cares all almost the exact same power sets so that oh we need a different sand person for this okay. We'll get that other person for it. Just seems like back. In the day they used to have like editors who'd be like. Oh yeah you know so and so's going to be in you know you know this running downsizing couldn't read everything l. Once again I think some of the people here would not do that for a while. You know they say seventy thousand dollars. Years old takes to make happy. Make me happy marvel serious without your pants on Charlie next two weeks. Yeah well. It's warm enough now. So you know the tyranny of pants sudden end. The era of sandals has begun on liberally. That needed auditees. Tierney of your pants are sorry. I was GONNA say I keep bringing it up but the Batmans grave number six. Oh my worn Ellison Bryan. Hitch this one. I like this one because you this week will pick up. That were left off up. The inmates have escaped the asylum. Arkham asylum of Batman Gordon. Well no no. No that man Gordon set to fight their way out of the asylum Anna. It's like they always like like every couple which you kind of end like a case and then begin another one like after they get out of Arkham and Komal that down now. Batmans in the middle of trying to solve the murder of the head of the Gaza. Gotham see issue a whole unit or just one the head of the the one guy. You know 'cause he's like in the end they from the apartment you know like I said No. This is good. 'cause like it you can get some action but I mean you get a at least as much look Batman actual detective. That's pretty cool which I think I mean we're always saying we want. That may be more of a detective in the movies. I think that's been some of the problem with Michael. Moma's blind accident Batman movies. It's like because they don't play up his smarts because they're just like you know all it's put him in armor you know he's not smart enough to take a hit. They basically pay them as a brewers are in the movies. And it's like you know the guy's got a brand played with your brain for that Frank Miller though true a hey immortal up this week. I did with some new. You remember some new kids. Who Remembers them new kids? I know basically world memory ass. Yeah he's basically used that holy hip no power. The hip no the hypnotic power of screens. Hey wait wasn't that the two deceased need because the damn truth now who Blattner for nothing? Who and this book might actually be readable if it wasn't for that stupid minute or they're just annoying. I am even as an even easy thirteen. Roberts Frayne Robert Banner. Yes Robert Banner used at L'Ecole crazy is crazy face now But.

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