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I did something or noni. But i was. I was locked up. Unfortunately or ons. Hello fellow risk takers and welcome to my worst investment. Ever stories of lost to keep you winning in our community. We know that to win an investing. You must take risks but to win big. You've got to reduce it. This episode is sponsored by a stotts academies valuation masterclass. They call it the boot camp for evaluation because it takes almost two hundred hours in students must value twenty companies to graduate. It really is the complete proven step by step guide to take you from novice devaluation expert. Go to my worst investment ever dot com slash deals before march thirty first twenty twenty one to claim your thirty percent. Podcast listener discount fellow. Risk-takers this is your worst. Podcast hosts andrew stotz. I'm here with featured guests. Scott bus scott. Are you ready to rock. I am ready andrew. Let's get going. I can feel your energy. And i really excited to talk to you today. And we've already started our discussion. And i thought we gotta get the recorder on so. I'm excited to do that. But i want to introduce you to the audience. So ladies and gentlemen sky bus lives his life and runs his business based on the principles of trust and transparency. Scott as an aviation expert who explores and connects the synergies between the private jet industry and the unlimited number of luxury lifestyle. Vip brands his strengthened passion as a networking specialises developing emerging new..

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