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Very green and set a lot of things they shouldn't have said and talked about, you know, the earlier early days on the road hooking up with their fans. And a lot of the fan saw that is them talking about having sex with their fans. It's like taking advantage of their fans, and it turned into a big, a big deal. And that they haven't really recovered. I haven't heard anything about them and went underground for a while and then he come back on you, then you're to blame. I was a little torn about that. 'cause you're with them for for a week. And we were just a trailer at the American music awards in the singer started just talking about different girls, and I started asking about about just, you know what happens on the tour bus. And then guy starts started saying that, but he's nineteen. So I felt I felt a little bad because it's almost like you're, I didn't take advantage. I didn't wanna feel it, but he said it and there's a lot of stuff I didn't put on the record that I that I tried to be a little conscious of so, but you have to have a story come away, just print fanzine. Right. That's a good point. Yeah. Like a puff piece. This Rolling Stone documentary that just came out that Alex Gibney did. It's like a two part each anniversary and Cameron Crowe. Who wrote for Rolling Stone in the seventies and based almost famous off that experience. He tells a story in that about going out with Led Zeppelin and. Spending a lot of time with them coming back, handing in his story and yon Wegner called him in. Who owns the magazine still is here, and he said, I read your story. You did a good job, but you failed. And Cameron said why? And he said, because you wrote this from a fan's perspective. I didn't learn anything about this. If I'm not interested in them, I'm it's not for me near writing for an audience that might not care about the person. You want to put them in perspective and context. So it's funny because I saw that and then I emailed Cameron because I did this evite brothers story about this, the Folkman, David brothers, and it was it was a hard thing to write because I couldn't. I came away and I felt like I didn't have much like I was with them, and I felt like I'm on their tour bus. That's a lot of access. I'm just hanging out with them and then I came away afterward. I tried to write the thing and I couldn't couldn't write it. And so I tried and handed it in and then we printed it. And then yon called me on my, it was my birthday, and then the a -pointment got scheduled for the next day. John's office, what is this? And then when they said, oh, he didn't like your brother's story. That was not a good, and he had a very particular thing about how the second section which was going into the two brothers in the band and how they have all this conflict that was buried down in the second section. The whole first section was just kind of like them on the tour bus very cliche knee said. You should have put this up here and it was a learning experience. So I have a journalism degree as well. And the thing they teach you in journalism school is what's the lead? Yeah, was the lead of the story. I remember I worked for the newspaper and they sent me to some swim tournament. I came back with results. So the guys, what is this shit, we'll because there's no story here was where's the story? Yeah. And you have to come out of there like you said, I remember when I was going in and doing it like, okay, that's my lead. That's we'll kick off with. That's the crux of the story. Yeah, right. Yeah. In if you get stuck on it, you kind of try to picture it like a movie, like what's the house? Because movies. It's very similar documentaries start we what? And that's why people think that journalists twist things because you try you. Conflict is what draws people in. It's how you do that conflict away that you known as click baiting. Yeah, exactly. Yes. Talk on winter, but before we do want to mention another hall of Famer this one from the world of pro wrestling time, timeout, diamond Dallas page and the amazing DDP y. program. Diamond Dallas page.

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