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Nine point one new port Richey ninety four point five scene three one oh five point nine Tampa W. X. T. B. ninety seven point nine HD to clear water nine seventy WFLA and online at WFLA news dot com good afternoon I'm Felix Vega the United States Senate may take their final vote today to confirm the appointment of Florida Supreme Court justice Robert log eleventh circuit federal court of appeals following his nomination by president trump look as one of the two justices appointed to the state Supreme Court by governor on to see if this was up for nomination by the president just as barber logo is expected to be confirmed by the Senate shortly after the vote on justice lock the governor is expected to name their replacement sometime in February for some charter school students standing near heart bus stop in Tampa are lucky they weren't seriously injured after two vehicles collide because you have been a strike the teens on Monday Tampa fire rescue officials say the driver of a Chevy try to avoid the initial crash on Florida Avenue but click the van instead listen to the nine one one calls one of the teens call for help yeah right there was a person walking on a bicycle they were we were at the bus stop and to cause him longer by it I'm getting some way okay don't move officials say the students injuries range from road rash to some lacerations one of the drivers was given a ticket for careless driving more more cities around the state are banning the sale pets in favor of adopting due to problems reported animals from puppy mills Lawrence Nicholas with Peggy Adams animal rescue league which is just taking in more than three thirty dog seized in west Palm Beach says the collected animals were called in to authorities weather traffic are next on news radio WFLA I feel it's Vegas it's no secret everyone wants the best doctors and nurses and Kaiser Permanente employs some of the best around but there are a few other best folks would like to recognize the pharmacist the social workers psychologists the vision assistance drivers the home healthcare aids the list goes on.

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