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Passing 240 yards on the ground for the Cheyenne Mustangs 39 yards through the air 373 on the ground. But 10 of the most important yards came in that last drive when Grant working team got that passed to get that fourth or that fourth down conversion for the first time, he kept that drive going individual statistics tonight. First for the Shanley Deacons. Michael Rosberg was 17 to 27 for 173 yards and three touchdowns. Aidan Devine had 24 carries and by my calculations, 227 yards and 9.5 yard average and only the one touchdown like you had mentioned earlier, James Michael Rosberg, seven carries for 15. John Groce had to, uh for three yards. Bennett Bird I have known as a carry for a loss. Receiving John Gore had four catches for 89 yards and two touchdowns in Divine had six catches. 44 yards and a touchdown. Jonah Brethren tonight had three catches for 20 yards. Tyler Craft three for 18 Chatan Sokka Porter one for two yards, and I think there was a couple targets for loophole Craft. Uh, for the Cheyenne Mustang Grant working team finished evening five of 13 for just 39 yards and interception. But like I said, 10 of those yards came on that final drive, And actually, there's probably a couple plays on that drive. He had another big pass completion for another conversion on a first for a first down fourth down and nine play, and he was able to complete it. For what about 10 and 11 yards yards. I mean, he had two big Pasch completions. On that drive, So it's not that Grant working team can't throw the ball. They just choose to stick with what works, which is a Russian attack, and they had Josh Hendrix. I had him carry the ball 32 times tonight for 190 yards and three touchdowns. So if you had him in your fantasy league, you made out really well based on your scoring system, James Hagen, though five carries for 101 yards, and that 70 Yard touchdown. That I think really kind of shifted the momentum back to Cheyenne and gave them a lead. I think in the third leader late third or early fourth quarter have to look at the scoring summary again. Grant working team had 13 carries for 49 yards and a touchdown caterer had a six carries for 36 yards. Ah, and then they're obviously there was some kneel downs at the end receiving Logan hosting had two catches for 23 yards. I think both of those were on that final drive. Kinrara had one catch for 11 yards. Josh Hendricks, one for six in Xander Newton. Unfortunately one catch for that negative one when they were down deep. So you want to go through the scoring place? Yeah, but one more time, So so we'll go in the second half. It was 17 14.5 to start out the second half. He had an 18 yard touchdown run the way.

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