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We'll hold a press conference this morning to introduce Jimmy Butler. Sixers, of course, acquired the four-time all-star in a trade with Minnesota. Sixers give up Dario Charlotte's Robert Covington, Jared Bela's and a future second round draft pick now that press conference. Introducing Butler will occur over in Camden set to get underway at eleven o'clock this morning Butler will be joining Sixers team that is nine and six after picking up a one twenty four one fourteen win last night in Miami. Joel Embiid was huge in the victory. Sixers big man finished with thirty five points and eighteen rebounds. The flyers will host the Florida Panthers tonight, orange and black looking to stay hot. They've won three in a row, and they are five one one in their last six last time out Saturday. They hammered the Blackhawks at the center of four to nothing Panthers. Come in six five and three they have won four in a row. Tonight's game gets underway at seven college basketball. Saint Joe's now to this season after beating Monmouth last night on hawk hill. Seventy eight sixty three to city six. Teams will begin action tonight temple host Georgia AL's off to a two and start. Also, what when the Quakers will welcome Lafayette to this evening college football temple getting ready to host south Florida on Saturday, Al six and four five and one in the American conference, south Florida's seven and three overall. But the bulls of lost three in a row, however, a temple head coach Jeff Collins says this one will be top. They're really good team. They've got explosive. Awesome. Seclude really good defensively sound fundamentals at once of the ball. They're really good football team and it shows temple. Brandon is coming off a big road win at all, right? Thanks, Matt up next on KYW, NewsRadio.

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