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You were a Yankee fan. You're a Mets fan. And that right watchable. Yeah, I'm a Mets fan. I do not like Derek Jeter. And there's a reason for I respect why I respect this play. I think we played for another team. I think he would not be held in such high regard. But I respect this play. I think he is a great shortstop. He's a hall of Famer. All all the accolades are true. He was a great player. I take none of that away. But I like interesting players. And there are there are fans of the game that Hey, they like Derek Jeter. For the way you placed A. That's great. That's perfectly fine. But I don't like to try to force personality where it's not. Might trap Mike Trout seems like a swell guy. Don't have a problem. I wish Mike Trout was a little bit more vocal. I think it be better for the game. Derek Jeter played at a point in baseball word They needed Derek Jeter, but they didn't need him as much as they would need him right now. They need personality. They're getting Maura. They need more stars. They got there were growing some or stars. Fernando te teach junior. If you listen to this, you know how much I adore him. They're growing some of those guys, but it still needs to happen at a faster pace for baseball, and I think we're getting there. It's gonna take a minute, but we're getting there. But Derek Jeter and maybe bocce ball will agree with me. Baby will be disgusted. Maybe you'll be both. I'm not sure. When I heard that they're working on a 30 for 30 about their cheater. I'll watch because they'll probably go over Alex Rodriguez. And there will be definite reasons to watch that Joe Torry and 9 11 and the three straight world Syriza and how it all started where the Yankees were were garbage, and people thought very little of the Yankees and how George Steinbrenner was this albatross hanging around the neck of the organization and then They start to draft well, and Derek Jeter's a part of their organization, and they start to get together in the nineties, and they there's a renaissance that Yankee baseball from where it was in the eighties. I'll watch it. I got to But I am not interested in Derek Jeter of the list of players that came nowhere near the town of Derek Jeter the list those long and distinguished off players that I'd rather watch a multi part documentary Syriza on other than Derek Jeter. They me the quote. That Derek Jeter ever gave you that made you laugh. Name me the bit that Derek Jeter ever had us as a sound bite That made you think name the conversation that Derek Jeter ever lead that led sports talk radio or the arguments of anything? Not even just sports talk radio. What sports talk in general with you and your friends about Derek Jeter, other than where he stands on the old time Greatest short stops list. Not even there. Cal Ripken has opinions. You've heard Cal Ripken say it before. Derek Jeter. I've never heard anything interesting. Come out of Derek Jeter's mouth. And the one thing that people bring up on. We've brought it up so many times that in itself has gotten boring. Can You don't want to watch a 30 for 30 on Derek Jeter. What can look at the ladies that he slept with? Wow, You're telling me a professional baseball player like to have a lot of sex? That's amazing to me. But Ken, maybe they'll tell Lord stories. He's married with kids. You think his wife's gonna let him sit down in an interview and talk about all the women he's been with on national television and a multi part documentary? Syria's That's gonna live on forever. Would your wife allow you to do that? Would you do that to your wife? Hell, no. You wouldn't do any of those things. Derek Jeter, who never talked about any of those things while he was active player. He's going to sit down to go. You know, One time we were in the trump towers that I had about four. Multi, same time. You should have seen him. Hell, no, he's not gonna do that. And if you want stories like that, there's things like X videos that are out there for you. Give got smart, Go watch smut. Don't need Derek Jeter and his stories of whatever sexual ex Capades and he was in. I don't care. I don't care. It's a professional athlete that like to be with a lot of women. Oh, my goodness. Really. That's a shocking thing. There is other than his play, which he was a great player. The conversation around Derek Jeter being this Tremendous figure this this this Zeus like figure It's all been forced. It's all been forced the romance. Is it a romantic ization of Derek Jeter? Hope I'm saying that right? It's been a long show off. Derek Jeter is been mind boggling to me. Made a great play against the A's. We look at it. It's one of the greatest place or I can't imagine. Well, I think if he didn't get in the way it might have gotten there on time anyway. Don't care. You look at the Yankee greats. That have played there that had person Mickey Mantle. I was nine years old, listening to the Phil Pep a book on tape. My favorite summer 1956 was a kid. Ryan around. Listening to a book on tape about Mickey Mantle in the 19 fifties. You know why it's Mickey Mantle was a wild man, and I knew stories about Mickey Mantle being a wild man for basically the time I knew what baseball was. Abe Ruth. Babe Ruth's legend. Legend is goes beyond generations because we always talk about hot dogs and beer. And God knows what else and more than likely syphilis at one point when it comes to a guy like Babe Ruth. And Babe Ruth gave quotes and Mickey Mantle gave quotes and Billy Martin gave quotes and Thurman Munson gave quotes and George Steinbrenner game quotes and day Alex Rodriguez certainly did. Mariana Rivero did Derek Jeter. Watch the 30 for 30, as long as it's about everything that surrounds Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter to me is a cardboard box. It gets the job done. It holds many things. If you take care of it, you can use it for a long time. Unless I'm five years old. That cardboard box is not interesting. Derek Jeter has never been interesting to me. The players around him have been interesting and they'll do it right. It's ESPN and they'll have all the players around him featured and they'll talk about all those guys and they'll make it interesting and they'll make it good. It's ESPN. They don't They don't mess up these things. They're Jeter..

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