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Net. That's rooftop design. Start net 8, 28 traffic and weather on the eighth. Let's go to Steve Dresner in the W T o P Traffic Center on the North bound set up by 3 95. We still are dealing but crash activity on the four and the incoming inbound lanes rather of the 14th Street bridge has we're funding in our traffic cameras. Two to the left to get you buying involves a vehicle and a small box truck causing a bit of a Delaine once you're over the bridge. To the district on the eastbound side of the freeway just before he get to the exit for the third Street Tunnel, Multi vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer Now, with last reports, two to the left getting a bind. We are finding delays after you clear the incident in the area of the Third Street Tunnel, Lexan traffic moving nicely all the way to the 11th Street Bridge. Quiet on D C to 95 I to 95 over in Virginia eastbound one night. Three, The Georgetown Pike right near, Walker wrote in Great Falls, Try Traffic accident All cleared all lanes open in both directions in north bound to 34 Dump Freeze Road near Minute Bill Road. Still dealing with the crash. You're under police direction may have closures in each direction. This in the Manassas area. From the battlefield. A board room American Military University educates those who serve a amuse, affordable tracks, stop faculty and future career goals. Push your mind eating him you online dot com Steve Dresner. W T o P Traffic Thank you, Steve. And now the storm Team four meteorologist Mike Stanford when a storm warning continues for the early morning hours of Sunday until noon, except for Southern Maryland, when we haven't winter weather advise you from three I am until noon. It's gonna be quiet for the next several hours after midnight, a mix of rain and snow will roll in from the Western South changed all snow, and some of that stuff could be heavy ties by sunrise Carlos Upper twenties to lower thirties. Snow likely on Sunday, it may Taper Office, some light rain by late morning and early afternoon. Still accumulations of 1 to 3 inches from the district southward to 25 North and East. I'm starting for meteorologist Mike Stanford, 41 in McLean. It is 42 in Suitland and 46 degrees in the nation's capital. This'll is w t o p your source for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated. W T O p. Never miss a moment. Tell you t O p s top news is brought to you by van Meter homes Find a home That's.

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