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Has stopped so, all to make way for a convention center expansion, the bus stop has moved in ninth avenue. Which caused a lot, of bus writer which caused a lot of bus riders to go off guard today some even missed their bus we had no idea today that was going to be closed off and I traveled it every day Metro says he may, see some traffic slowdowns while drivers. Get used to the change transit, tunnel will eventually be used for just light rail last. Year crab pots set to clo- set colo- close to ferry docks caused serious, damage to a ferry this year Washington state, ferries have issued a news release all recreational crabbers to stay. Clear ferry lanes with some didn't get their request you're reminded to stay. Clear very lanes and. The ferry dock when you set traps also add. Extra. Way to the crap hot as tights can be strong in Puget Sound caused it to drift hundreds of crab posture. Lost each summer in the sound KOMO news time twelve oh time for AAA traffic every ten minutes on the force checking again with Dylan hold just a couple of things to watch out for if you're going to be out. In the sunshine today driving around we'll start on US two westbound it's currently closed, between US two oh four and just beyond fifty first avenue until, tomorrow so plan on using. Twentieth street as an alternate route for the time being although twentieth is not built for the same Type of capacity traffic that. As to as so even that will be a little slow. Going both directions of Kent Des Moines road are currently closed between state route one sixty seven and I five supplant on using alternate routes there as well I five northbound is fairly slow going as well, between, James street and Spokane street viaduct so plan on some extra time there as well as. US three southbound also jammed up quite a bit starting at state route one oh six stretching all the way back, to log yard road are next. KOMO traffic at twelve fourteen on, Dylan Holt taking a look at the forecast we're expecting. Highs in the mid eighties today low nineties next couple of days right now, in Seattle seventy six at twelve o.

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