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Our Matrix Chance server where you can get on there and interact with other free talk life listeners, and you can also call the show a swell update on Ah story that was mentioned earlier this week. The homeless encampment in Manchester has been targeted for take down by the state police. I don't know if you guys police, not Manchester police. Yeah, you guys have you been following this at all? I have a little bit but not not. I haven't followed the news stories. I've heard chitchat from people. So the reason why it was the state police instead of the Manchester, please. Because this was the heart of Manchester where this happened. That's why I'm talk. But it was on presents me. Yeah, it was on the property of the courthouse. Oh, it's uh it's state property, not city. Property interest. Exactly. So apparently the armed agents showed up today. There was some thought they were gonna be showing up earlier this week. There was an overnight I think was like Monday or Tuesday. Overnight. They were expected to like 6 A.m. four AM something like that five. And they never showed. Yeah, And that's because a fairly decent number of people came out kind of just hang out. With the homeless people that were there now that's got blocking. Yeah, technically, it was, in fact, Joe Orga from breaking the flaw who called into the show last night. He was actually there was a break in the flow, and he was doing live streaming during it. I don't think he was there today when it actually went down, So they actually did it during daylight hours today. Now, from what I understand our former co host, Darrell Perry was there and did get some footage. I have not yet had the chance to review it, but he did send to hell. Love footed. He did say, wow joke. It was a good one seat. Nobody but you would have known that that's true. That's true. What are you talking about? That was obvious. Well, there was obviously oh, that those of us in studio I don't think everybody listening would have known Darryl's finish, but nonetheless Oh, I didn't make the connection there. Okay? I didn't know that was you Don't know how good of a joke sitting right? You can't let a good joke go by without, you know, letting people know that what they missed S O s o. He did send me a gigabyte plus worth of footage. Apparently today on telegram, I just had the chance to know of the takedown of the the squeaky Of the goon squad taking down these folks tents now, from what we understand, they may have actually been cutting the tents, so just trashing them essentially making it so they couldn't use this way. Let me get straight. They cut the tense They trashed them, but they didn't remove them. No, I presume they were moved in as well. But I would have expected them to do is basically destroyed the property. S so here's an update from W. M. You are the main television station here. ABC affiliate a homeless camp. It's Superior Court in Manchester was dismantled today, and city officials say they're upset. With how the state carried out the eviction. See, they would have done it more humanly right. The city of Manchester would have been really cool. They're known for being right. Yeah, Like one of the most humane way you falsely arrested me a couple of one of the most corrupt cities in New Hampshire. Yeah, I'm sure they're going to do it more family, but because they didn't do it, They can point their finger and say we would have done it so much better. State police moved in Friday morning, days after state imposed deadline for removal. The camp has been a bone of contention between the state and city of Manchester, with both sides blaming each other. For letting the situation get worse. Caught in the middle or those have been camping on the lawn, Calvin Atwood says he's been homeless for seven years, he said. It's been, he says, I'm very disgusted to see this happening. Because they're basically pushing this off of one lawn onto the streets again, he said. State officials and local providers say they approached each person living in the encampment and presented them with several options for alternative housing. Associate attorney general There is a state prison and there were several county jails up. Yeah, that would be that's exactly how they would phrase it too. Well, we presented them with other options. Yeah, I'm sorry, but I don't think most people want to be imprisoned. In a cage for well, they have sort of halfway house places. But some of these folks don't want to get off the drugs. They'll address that coming up here later in the story, but it's just They don't want to get off the drugs but in some cases, But you know, I've known a lot of people who have been homeless who would not go to shelters for one thing, shelters or bloody dangerous. A lot of the time you can be frequently, especially for women. They're safer on the street than they are in a shelter because they can have a man with them on the street shelter, they might not be able to, so they lose their protection. State officials again presented these alternatives, Associate attorney general and Edwards said, quote for individuals who did not want to choose another housing. They were assisted in packing their items and moving. I'm just imagining what that would look like. It is not funny, but you know I can't cry on the air, trashing their their tents and things is hardly a assistance and moving and we haven't proven the claim about the cutting of the tents. But that's typically how these things go. Whenever you even live video of Them cutting tens. I don't know if that happened in this particular case, but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't. Yeah, I don't know. I think that was. I know that happened in Florida because Johnny was actually Broward's cowards who did it? It's not that I called them and bust their balls at the time that happens every do it everywhere. Do that agencies were present to help people. New horizons, families and transition found beds for 10. But others, like Atwood found the news. Cold comfort, he said. They're not really helping us. They're really just kicking us down. He said. He's not sure where he'll go for now. Quote what's next for me? Probably jail from here. And the reason that's the case is because, well, if you're homeless Jail will provide you with a relatively warm place by comparison to say, a tent outside of wherever and you'll get three meals a day if you're in.

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