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The police and it was a big mistake on the sheriff's part yeah they always get sloppy when they're stealing money but you ready for this so the kid brings it to the police and it's like this is kinda weird i don't know why he's doing this guess who gets busted on for having drugs in their vehicle a couple of days later and get away the lawn guy so this guy was like he was working the whole system in the halls of justice the only justice is in the halls even in alabama a men brother bride on way to wedding arrested for dui after car crash she was driving ourselves what kind of a bridal party it was thrown together down on that well on route to the altar monday amber young was arrested for causing a threecar crash in arizona authorities say they detained the bride whose wedding ready in her floor length white count on suspicion of driving under the influence their prenuptial crash sent one person to the hospital with minor injuries the officers that are on the prenuptial crash covered under the prenuptial it does not say this is what the cops tweeted out don't drive in paired till death do we part doesn't need any help that's pretty good yeah pretty people are getting pretty crafty with the accounts on twitter all the cops mexican migrant thirty seven worked as us border patrol agent for six years saw this story after falsely claiming he was born in texas so this guy's name is marco antonio dila garza junior i love when they have a little who near attach the name he allegedly got a job by falsely claiming us citizenship the agency hired him in april two thousand twelve and he worked as an officer in southern arizona employment requirements for the border force include providing us citizenship clearly not providing real.

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