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It was And then a couple of New York state troopers came over to me and said. As you Excuse me, sir, We're closed. Now, if you don't mind, Sarah and I turned around, and I said, Hey, guys. Hi. I introduced myself, They said and one of the trooper says to me. He goes like this. He goes. Hey. Yeah, I just saw you last week. The police. The trooper says me and he was a young guy and I go. Where were we going to, uh, after the Jones Beach tunnels. The salaries? Yeah. All the New York State troopers were there We took pictures of Gavin to grow with Lee Greenwood. With myself. It took a great shot. I said, Come on, because I want to always like that. I always like to show support of law enforcement. So I said, Come on, let's take a picture tweeted out, man. Let's go. And we all got in. We did a great book. So the kid takes the kid The The young state trooper takes his phone and he looks like you got a picture of me with him. Joke because this is you, right? Yeah, That's me, man. It was so nice to see these. That's the the youth. In the future of America and their New York state troopers. And I'm so proud to know these young kids. I said, Look how young you guys are and they live. I said, thank you. Thank you because we hadn't sometimes you look, you see what the future is, and there it was, and I was I felt we were just in really good shape, so we'll take a break. But when we come back, I'll tell you Have moving. It was moving. It was for me. And really what happened As as the night came down on, you know, 9 11 this year, the 20th anniversary. Hesitate to use the word anniversary, You know, acknowledgement remembrance of 9 11. Cause we ain't forgetting We're not going to begin on this show, and now we're supposed to start Monday and that was supposed to go into blinking the he's testifying, and we're going to go through all the politics of it. I want to hold on to 9 11 just a little bit not to forget about it and just to celebrate and appreciate All that we are as Americans because in the name of God Almighty, we are good people, and you could see it and a tragic day like September 11th the tender And the strength and texture and the whole being of Americans I thought was exemplified in such a positive way, despite what the politicians are trying to do to us, 6 21 Joe on the radio. Hey, Susie. Sharon is in for traffic today for W him and we're going to come right back. Right here. I am 9 70 the answer. Stuck in traffic. We've got the answer. Thanks, Joe. Good morning. Partly cloudy 74 humid in the city. What's going on? We have the answer. Checking traffic. Alternate side in effect Crash on the van White south and you're the Nassau Expressway. It has one lane out delays on the BQE from the prospect right up to Cabin Plaza. That new, ongoing roadwork alternate side in effect inbound George 15 for the upper an accident off the upper level. Underneath the apartments, blocks the right lane five at the lower Five at the Lincoln and the Holland and accident in Edison Route one north and it means Street just the left. Lane gets five and traffic is sponsored by Liberty Mutual Insurance where you only pay for what you need. Nobody should have to pay for once has fits all insurance. Liberty Mutual customizes your car and home insurance. So you only pay for what you need basic.

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