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The rest have been re opened just some residual slowing as you approach both north and southbound seventy five I'm George mills of your next report at eight fifty eight a break in traffic alerts when they happen let's check your MLK day forecast with chief meteorologist Dan Rudolph what's gonna look like today for all these parades it's gonna be awesome just start layer app it'll be chilly but once the sun starts to get a little bit more higher in the sky will call it to warm up in the mid fifties today right at average for this time of the year need a today marks the first day here of twenty twenty were advertised starts to creep up wow yeah Hey yeah so weird about fifty six for over about that seventeen eighteen day that was a harsh winter it sure was and again it's for winners now in a row that we just haven't had any wintry precipitation there's still time there's still time that's true and nothing today or tomorrow though enjoy your day off for a lot of you temps will be in the mid fifties tomorrow little cooler around fifty will be more clouds moving in morning lows will be back in the low to mid thirties white average Wednesday's a day is just kind of a day to stay indoors if you maybe off during that middle of the week gets a pot of stew going in the morning hours because it was a good day for a fire rain outside often on chilly rain the low to mid forties with wind chills in the mid thirties all day long Thursday some morning showers and then rapidly clearing from west to east as a a weak front comes through bringing dryer back to the area that'll make for a nice Friday in a beautiful weekend mid fifties for Friday lows in the thirty Saturday morning to start your weekend awful jump up to sixty and then about forty three to sixty five percent right now where it starts to still holding at thirty seven Carol the top news stories Carol the news time eight fifty this is the Martin Luther king holiday minutes I'm James Brown there was a little known story about a choir from the historically black Texas college Prairie View a and M. university who have the honor of singing for Reverend king just two weeks before his death on tour their bus stop in Memphis and they checked into the black owned Lorraine motel not knowing doctor king was staying there as well the choir director big the kings of staff to.

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