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Now and windy temperatures inland and along the coast in the sixties overnight, we're in the upper forties still low fifties tomorrow, mostly sunny highs in the low seventy's inland upper sixties along the coast. We will continue to climb throughout the week and have mid to upper seventies by this weekend. Right now it's 67 in Fullerton, 63 in Newport Beach, 67 in Van Nuys, 61 in Marina del Rey. We'll eat local live from the Ko Phi 24 hour news room. I'm Layla Mohammad doctor Fact, she says, you could open school before the teachers are vaccinated. I don't think that that's huh. I thought he already said that. Well, he said it again, The CDC said it. Maybe I'm mixing them up. CDC said it and now fat, she said it, uh now So, uh, so Austin Buechner. Get off your rear end. Open the schools Open the schools. Dr Fauci. Science race, Sarge. Data Science said supplied did me China can show John Coble. Ken champ, Okay, if I I am 6 40 live everywhere The I heart radio as well. Another day for governor resting, smug face. His anti recall campaign has been underway for a few weeks. Now is he visits vaccination sites around the states around the state, and today they kicked off what they're claiming of the nation's first community. Vaccination sites. One of them's the Oakland Alameda.

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