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In the morning. Fabulous news tomorrow morning. The world premiere of the new chain smokers and five seconds of summer song. What a great collaboration so chain smokers will be here. Tomorrow morning to premiere it. It's gonna be fantastic to make sure you're listening for that. Because I love both put them together. And I mean, so look chain smokers. This is nothing new collaborating with powerhouse, vans and things like that. But five seconds of summer. They're getting out there, and they're gonna start collaborating with more people. They also chain smokers. They're going to do a collaboration with someone else. Google. Yeah. Google I think it's right here on my prep. We wrote it down. Hey, Andrew chimera nominated for twenty nine thousand nine heart radio musical were dance artist of the year love chain. They're also collaborating with blink one eighty two right? Yeah. Yeah. They said on Twitter. Love that. All right. Cool so chain smokers tomorrow morning right here. What scary you're raising your hand. No. I was I don't know if what conversation we were going into we're going there. Oh, no. We don't have time for that. You're wondering at home like what are we talking about? We don't know. We I will tell you this. What Howard is what Howard to say? Oh, right here. Elvis Duran is someone. Who should run for president? A no not me this too, many skeletons. No, you don't want that for you though would. Yeah. Wasn't I vote for Howard for private Eva file absolutely together. Muno can have it. You could be the first lady he could be the president. Okay. Throw a mean party. What do wanna do tomorrow along with the chain smokers in the world premiere of their new song with five seconds of summer whose late to the party with something man me ever. Okay. What are you late to the party reality TV, everybody watches, all of these shows all the time. Whether it's keeping up with the Kardashians or the real housewives all of them. I know none of it. I don't know who the people are run into them in the street and be like New Jersey. You don't allow not a one nun said if you don't late to the party, you don't wanna even go to that go into that pressure on interested like for like, we can't even say the name of the show because we're on the radio. No, oh, you know that dog the Shitsu. Okay. So shit Soos creek. It's on the network while Netflix is where you can catch it. If you've never seen it before. It's hilarious. I here, but I've never been. So it's like the six season, I know late to the par. To the party with coffee for years. I was wondering why the hell do other people seem so much more awake than I do. Look. I know I have a thyroid problem, but come on it was because I never had coffee and to the. Scary says he's late to the party with Netflix. Having Netflix account. It was it was only about two months ago when I got my new sound system in my living room after updated after twenty years that I you know, what I wanted Netflix account to go with this like watch great movies never had an account before. Life gets busy. We can't always be watching the same shows as everyone else. That's why they're recorded by the way. Bleeps creek is pop TV if you've already seen the seasons. Okay. If you've never seen. You gotta go to net flicks. So watch like Cup. Also, the glade plug ins the little things that in your house. I just discovered those what do they just discovered plugging? Yeah. They're awesome. Good. Well, you don't never too late to join the glade. Party. All right. So if you didn't hear this morning's phone tap from scary. What are you ridge middle of what's his name? Mr Michael, Mr Michael, Mr Michael Oppenheimer phone taps, delayed. He phone taps is hysterical. I mean, hysterical will let you listen to that. In a few minutes right now. Let's get into the headlines with Gandhi, what's up Gandhi? Some crazy news report says that millennials are seeing higher rates of obesity related cancers. Now, these cancers include colorectal and Demitrio pancreatic in gallbladder cancer. But at the same time have stabilized or declined in all other types of cancer. So we need to get in shape and do better with ourselves. I am I'm going to do better for all of us this. This is my favorite of the day. Tyra banks is opening a new supermodel theme park in southern California. It's called model land you can show up and.

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