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Hit we got to go outside and the whole back of the roof was caved in the front of it okay then we have no ports and all the houses on our street are completely gone about forty buildings collapsed around Nashville including a concert venue that he just held an event for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders head of super Tuesday voting super Tuesday is under way in fourteen states of voters casting primary ballots this morning the biggest delegate halls are in California and Texas has more than fourteen hundred of the nearly two thousand needed to win are up for grabs former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg will be on the ballot for the first time front runner Bernie Sanders is urging supporters of his former rivals Amy clover Sharin Peet pujas to join his campaign clover shar and booted judge endorsed vice president Joe Biden yesterday and Texas Sir former Texas congressman Beto o'rourke did the same the man accused of killing thirty one year old Chicago police commander Paul Bauer goes on trial for murder today we get that story from WGN fig farro secure Starkey's shimmery lay get fatally shot by our during a struggle outside the loops Thompson center two years ago Bauer was in that area for special police training when he responded to a radio call of a fleeing suspect investigators say he traced let get on foot to the bottom of a stairwell where he was shot and killed prosecutors are seeking the death penalty Vic Vaughn WGN two years out of date on WGN sports with Dave Benett and good morning the Blackhawks started new month and what might feel like a strange place the United center they play just three games there all of last month they'll play eleven there this month beginning tonight against Anna.

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