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I'm so first year in office his influence on the federal judiciary he's made a record number of nominees to the courts of appeals twelve one more or lemon saving than did kennedy nixon well reagan and evangelical don't seem to care much anymore about the moral failings in their political leaders is it because of the leader i think his when whatever jolt is represented with trump they made that decision our number here is 877890cash take you can tweet us at the take away we'll be right back at these headlines the live from npr news in washington i'm lakshmi sang in what appears to be the nation's first fatal shooting of two thousand eighteen at a school a teenage gunman allegedly opened fire this morning at marshall county high school in the southwestern kentucky town of benton a girl and a boy both 15 years old died as many as seventeen other people are being treated for injuries most of them for gunshot wounds it's unclear if all of the hospitalized victims our students the assault happened early this morning as parents and buses were dropping off students and apparently shaken governor matt bevin asked the media to respect family's privacy mrs a wounded that is going to take a long time to heal in for some in this community will never fully heal the suspected gunman as a 15yearold student now in police custody he's being charged with murder and attempted murder president trump says he's not at all concerned that attorney general jeff sessions was interviewed by special counsel robert muller's team investigating russian interference in the election and when asked if fbi director christopher raith threatened to resign as earlier reported trump also dismissed that claim you did not even a little bit not and he's going to do a good job trump was answering questions at a signing of.

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