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But it sounds like he escaped a major injury in the big spectrum of things. Oh that's good news. As I mentioned the bucks, they have much more of a January view than they do early October view right? So in the grand scheme for them, what's Most important is getting healthy, and of course, you know sliding in the division, the Division playoff, make the playoffs to have a chance in January but all things considered. This is probably a big picture thing good for them that it's a minor issue. But Matthew, we've already dealt with without bucks receivers or the threat of one of them not plane because my gibbons we know in week one went from questionable doubtful questionable to get him decision to playing. So we've not doing very much. Much. But we have talked about replacement players in this box offense. So the names that we're going to dive into. Scotty Miller Justin. Watson who think himself has banged up as well. He didn't play last week but he the slot guy assuming health for him but I think does this mean increased opportunity for Rob Gronkowski who we saw sort of after a slow start to the season had had some nice moments last week in. Came this close to a touchdown, Oj? Howard. We've started see. Some OJ. Recently to me I think I would rank the pass catchers Mike Evans obviously then you go down to Scotty Miller me and then I think I'm going to Gronk Oj here I was encouraged by what I saw last week and I think it continues but I don't feel super strong about that and I. Think both guys might really kinda devalue each other both guys i. think are titans outside the top ten this week maybe like much further up then I would just say this is generally speaking when you're trying to speak when you're trying to wish something into existence. and. That seems to be the case right now like the boxer like Gronk is the blocking tight end and now they're promoting, hey, are blocking tight added six catches for forty eight yards, eight yards a catch. So he got an end zone. Look I mean. If. That was not a great thrower by Brady. Like if GRONK comes gone down with that touchdown, we feel than the near. A yet but I think for now I'm with you in that like we entered the season with great hope and expectations about this offense and it's not that it's been brutal so far I just think we thought there was a chance that like any week you could play many pass catchers in this book softens it feels like right now you can play one. That's my Kevin who's coming off of a great stat. Line to catches two yards two touchdowns third player in NFL history ever do that dude was efficient. Yes. What did what needed to be done? He took care of business. Let me what he did other would you rather have two for two for two and gets what that's fourteen point two fantasy points or have six catches for seventy three yards and the answer has you'd rather have the two for two for two right But here's the thing I was going to say here is that. They play the chargers at home this week. Charters come in really banged up. Defensive. Starters gone like you tweeted this out yesterday five. All right. The charges has. Done for the chargers we always have injuries right now but five defensive starters throwing James. Chris Harris, but they still have actually really good secondary depth and two weeks ago Minisster Wind James but with also Melvin Ingram and Chris Harris. They gave Patrick Mahomes. They made them like semi mortal person recorder. So this is not this is a pretty good defense. All things considered. Yeah. But it certainly and you would expect Casey Hayward to shadow Mike Evans would be. ranking just a little bit. Let's move forward to find your dowse up. We've talked about him for the past couple of days. We have any definitive update on him right now for Philadelphia. Yes. Yesterday remember we were talking about the nature of a fracture how long it could be if it was chip fracture could be a couple of weeks. If it was a different kind of fracture could be more than a month sounds like he's going on injured reserve. So we know he'll be out at least three weeks. You get some clarity there. It's been described as a small fracture and I would take that as an encouraging sign especially if he comes back from I are and he can function in. Practice that week maybe maybe get him back in about four weeks but at least know for now you're not GonNa have him. The team also placed just moments ago Jalen rigor on I are for those years saying I thought he won an I r. last week. Well, did he did not actually end up on I? This strikes me as they didn't need the roster spot last week, and if he's going to miss more than three games, it's not that big of a deal. If you wait by a week, they presumably need the roster spot and just note, and this might be one of those things like applies to like the seven people in the deepest of Dynasty leaser listen to this podcast but. I at least assembly interesting the Eagles signed Akeem Butler off of the cardinals. Off of the panthers practice squad, he was a fourth round pick of the cardinal last year out of Iowa state. Plant out for the year for the year and interesting part about the hulking Butler thing is they said, they're gonNA, play him at tight end hockey. Butler was a wide receiver in college, but he's a big guy. He's huge in the part of the reason why he fell to the fourth round is he's very steph or sort of tight hip guy and was not able to make the most of his speed in his brief time in Arizona. But maybe just file it away. You know like here's how we follow here's where it might matter and I don't want to put the car too far ahead of the horse here but. Zach Ertz has already conceded like this could be my final year in Philadelphia right with his contract situation where it's at which I think is crazy again. I. Think One of those players in the NFL I. Pay Him all the money if I could. But in the event that happens for those that are already turned the page at twenty twenty, one maybe hockey but maybe there's like a five percents he becomes just say that was the guy that I liked coming out of college that I and I thought was really interesting and I remember talking to Kyla Murray about. Him when I interviewed Murray at the NFL PA rookie premiere, his rookie season, and he was talking up Butler. He's very excited about, and then soon after that, of course Butler loss for the year, it's unfortunate. But there, there were some flashes there in terms of Butler and he just he's a guy that can win a lot of fifty balls and he's you know a big body guy with good hands that can go up and get the ball and so yeah, you think about how much? How many tight end sets the eagles run? He does become a very interesting. Deep Dynasty League I like a Bunch of Dynasty Leagues where it's tight and premium like. So yeah, like you know he's a couple of bucks me. I have used way worse draft picks on players in dynasty. Let go of quickly they are no longer. My Dynasty. Stefan you. We're GONNA history, tomorrow night I'm not sure if you're aware but tomorrow night, we'll be the first time in the modern era of the NFL, the two teams Oh and three or worse play on Thursday night football you feel the buzz already. The jets maybe possibly could maybe maybe maybe Jamison crowder maybe yeah. It sounds like I'm fairly optimistic that he could be back..

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