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Smart speaker to say play WFAN. we are back Richard Gere file our for me taking it there till ten o'clock when Evan Roberts takes over and we are true we've got I guess internet problems throughout the entire organize ation your hockey fan at sorry for now Sir right counter greens at the controls but right now it is time to talk jets football with Brian Costello and he's brought to you by winters brothers long island's number one choice for waste removal and recycling services and by CSEA local eight thirty we work for you good morning Mr Costello how you doing I'm good Richard how are you good good good well let's talk about recycling okay you have a kicker now all who is is this is third organization Kerr a vet break and he went one for for the pre season and you know and I wasn't in favor like okay let's stick with the guy you got but what did they see and this guy that makes them think that he's going to be better than burlap was well I mean this guy was a very I tried to take her to a lot of teams a month ago he he went one for four with the Vikings are lucky preview thing is that he was actually perfect with the raven and the first two preseason games and he's twelve thirteen and feel of the ravens over the last two preseason TV with them last year in the preseason alone I our last year and then this year you had a really good star and the ravens on him Justin Tucker is one of the best kickers if not the best kicker in football so there is we're shopping around and a lot of teams including the jets were interested by and the Vikings game of the fifth round pick them up and everybody form and then he went to Minnesota and he just couldn't take their missiles you know it's concerning I I don't I don't think anyone that yes can be positive what they've got going into the game on Sunday and they all said the right things they're confident him and blah blah blah but I think they're gonna be very very nervous at this game comes down to a kick. yeah and it very well might given out evenly matched the two teams seem to be on some levels let's talk a little bit about Jackie polite to because you know the week comes out later on he was find something like a hundred thousand dollars there was a whole controversy when they picked him in the third round Hey you should have been a first rounder but he did bad interviews give us a little scenario what went on there with him. yeah I think it was a combination with polite was there they being late to meetings and other rules violations that you know Tony looked over.