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A lot of companies are offering Remote work as a sort of must have perc The sheriff remote jobs on sites like lincoln ziprecruiter went to ten percent up from like two percent last year. And even still. There's just so much competition over. Those increased number of remote jobs. Remote jobs are getting four times. The applications of non remote ones do you see the number of remote jobs rising to fit that demand i promote working on to bow was pre. Pandemic my my point is simply that remote were isn't always going to be super are super remote. It's gonna be the near mall. And i think i think ramon workington rain critical to to not only what workers want or saving but What firms offer. I think you'll see that as ubiquitous sort of starting point offer. Now i do a job. That can be done remotely. Someone's time in general jobs where you work on a computer. Lend themselves to being done remotely. But we've also noticed that a lot of jobs you wouldn't expect to be remote are becoming remote at least part of the time One example. I gave him. The story is home health. Aides people who physically have to go into other people's homes their employers are now saying okay the one day a week where you might have done paperwork in the office. That could be a work from home day. do you see more remote. We're coming to these sort of industries where you don't normally expect it very much so to be clear what the only thing i don't massive is these long term. Long distance moves. I think remoteness remote or for part of the time of every week is becoming a will become more ubiquitous. You know. I think it's become a seller's market for Labor for a while and therefore remote worth going to become an offer from all kinds of employers so what are the economic impacts of a more distributed workforce where more people working from home or outside of cities remote or is it really or emerging factor is just not important in the way we've been talking about as a driver of moving into the heartland exodus that will save all communities over communities in in the heartland are still going to have to do things the hard way. But this is going to be a major factor in metros in your metros and we don't know how that's going to play them maybe could benefit participation labor force maybe has improved editions of work for people on the negative i think it's the sprawl driver and the impacts near and within metros are gonna be substantial what happens to all the lunches and services provided in in the downtown. We're go see hubs of earners in the suburbs you know. And i think we're gonna see then sprawl and movement into the excerpts. So so there's i think there is substantial Disruptions and changes within metro. I'm ronnie mola and this is retail daily. This episode was produced by. Alan rodriguez espinosa and engineered by paul mounsey. Let us know what you want to learn more about. Email us at recode daily at recode dot net..

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