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And good afternoon it as afternoon five after 12 i this is passed a wreck on filling in for the level of today and taking my seats where i norway's set is phil sargeant by right hand man non moammer of clarity will be here and a lot of changes today derek is at the u of m game too and so we got the strong arm of dan martin era working as producer of this show he sitting on the other side of the glass how you doing today dan not too shabby i was very glad to be woken up this morning by the sound of my sons new cap done well you gotta you made it here i love your newscast goes whatever just there's something your voice that reminds me of a saturday night live skit and their causes oil either hopefully is not doing the news portion it's only smart aleke during a traffic and weather is one that is i'm dan martin i keep its begging say i'm dan martin and and i say and you're not just every time i hear your people who love the i'm dan martin my people have brought it up to me before and the reason that happened was because for a long time we were always saying talk radio 1600 waam then it became ymt talk 1600 and i didn't want to mess it up you'd i wanted to make sure it was consistent so i wrote the thing where bob the voice guy says it and then i just say i'm dan martin it i shut up i don't finish the sentence because i i can't remember how to finish the sentence why why energy lewis and you're not all right i'm dan martin.

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