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I was hoping I don't know. I thought she was gonna throw herself on on and then No, she pulled this. She pulled this big, dumb gym that the whole movie is based on. And threw it over. And it's just God and I watched this thing on my phone with headphones in and the roommate was there and she was laughing her ass off. She thought it was you and guess what. She's never seen it either. She's never seen. Um you okay? Plenty time. No, no, no. You guys know Tar Thistles Kenny segment because I got a lot to say the only good thing and I am going to say one good thing about it was Kathy Bates playing Molly Brown, The unsinkable Molly Brown. That's where she got her nickname. The problem is with the writing. They didn't allow Kathy to stretch your legs enough. Molly Brown was a very dynamic, loud mouth. Boisterous, fun, broad, great character. And they didn't allow her to play up to that on going to tell you the truth here, there was fast forwarding and that started and I It must have been two hours in. I don't know I lost track. I started fast forwarding when everybody finally realized that this ship was going on, and then doors air being locked and we're slipping under doors, and we're chained to a pipe and blah, blah, blah, and we're going upstairs and downstairs and over here. Can't get people in the lifeboats and oh my God, He's so predictable. What? It was the worst part. It's the worst part past the sinking and the, uh oh, just laid down. I saw that in. No, No, I've fast forwarding and like 32nd toe one minute increments. You know, I'd stop and we'll all right this this right, cool really fun. And then you know, fast forward again. It was just It was the worst movie band playing until the went down into the depths. I did and they didn't They played the wrong version of that song. You know if you noticed, but whatever. Whatever. And I just so happens. I know quite a bit about this, um, you've mentioned was a little before. Uh, I was. I was a little surprised that it was a flashback movie. I didn't realize that was gonna happen. And I was really surprised that Sheriff Bullock played the main character who was looking for this diamond or whatever the heart can't remember the heart of the heart. I can't remember the guy's name, but he played Sheriff Bullock in Deadwood. Yeah, Whatever those Timothy's something a Levent, is that what was no, but he's not in Titanic. Oh, so it wasn't too much gold. How much did you fast forward? Yeah. If you see Tim political fact it was very, very, very disappointing movie. And I'm really, really sorry. I watched it And this proves to me, Kenny. If you have chose not to see a movie since it's been released, or whatever you're you're making the right choice. Never never Not trust your instant. Oh, my God. Oh, I could always trust your gut. What about the scene in the car? The steamy windows and the sketches are past that he probably fast forward to enjoy that at all. Or the nudity? No, that doesn't do anything for me. Give me a break. Okay. But did you not feel a connection to Jack and rose and their chemistry at all? Who is this lady playing Rose. Okay. Where is he wins like Awful awful. I thought she was reciting lines. The kid though the three name kid What's his? You know the Cabrio. He's a damn good actor. He's a pretty good actor. You mean the main character? Yeah, he can. He can. I'm sorry. Two names he can. He can flat out act, but I thought Can't Kate was just going through the motions? I really did. And I know she's a really good actor. I've seen her and other stuff and she looked good. I thought there were these down. Yeah. When she's on the wood like that the door in the ocean and the whole goodbye. No. Finds a guy with a whistle and blows the whistle. Give me a break. Okay, that's about how I can whistle. So I think he might be talking about Bill Paxton. Are you talking accident? That's accent. That's the late, great passed away. But yeah, let's take a break. Let's all let's all think about what can he just said and will process it. And remember, if you enjoyed this movie. We're not friends. So unfollowed me on Twitter, right? Me hate letters. Okay? Yeah, just we're not friends ate 42. We'll be back after this. Another lorry and Julia moment. Hey, get the sex swing. You can just go to your local swing set and try it. No, you can't not address. But you could just see if this would be an option. If you could bear the weight of the other person in that position will think that here remember? I don't think the screamer and the swing set at bracket part. The same mechanism. Yes, sir. And you can take it. They.

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