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More than four a game. Indiana for all intensive purposes, is even in rebounds on the season, and so far, Ohio State has a 7 to 3 edge in rebounds, led by Justice suing He's got four They have three offensive rebounds and four points off those second chance opportunities. So how state getting an opportunity to put the ball back in the basket? And as you mentioned before we went to break their? They turned their defense up there taking care of the defensive back board. They got a seven overrun going right now. So we'll see what Indiana does coming out of this time out. My guess is they might want to get trace. Jackson Davis involved. He's still scoreless. Lose your basketball onto the time out of the end of our left. And Al Durham bounces it into trace. Jackson Davis Black left, pivot 3 60 shoots played by Go. He missed it right at the rim cleared by EJ Liddell in the Buckeyes. You're leading 96 as we approach the 14 minute mark. In the first half. So Ohio State at the end of our right on the seven All run trying to build here is Finnessey or Excuse me. Arms gives it up up top arms. He's got a lot of length. Feed it inside, twisting, shooting the right hook. No good there and a foul called said Key is first off the bench for the Buckeyes. He missed the shot. A whistle here stops playing exactly 14 minutes to go in the first half. It will stay with the Buckeyes of the into our right. S so effectively another offensive rebounds. So the rebounding margin down 93 as there was a tie up with the arrow favorite. The Buckeyes, no foul stand corrected. Oh, slinking around in a drive by Washington into the lane draws a blocking foul as he approached the rim. Like what you said earlier about Dwayne Washington junior out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, who has been red hot here of late shooting nearly 50% from the field that there's more to that than just the scoring. Yeah, I mean, he's the thing is 88% from the free throw line. He's made a three in his last 24 games at least 13 every in every game this season and going back to four last year. You could see you could put it to the deck and get to the free throw line and he's he gives them.

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