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So parker's back bigger and better than ever wearing flops in the New York Times. I just it's very directional choice on his part would scum skis Australia. And I don't know I've never heard of that continent or country or any of anything related to them. As far as I know it just stops at dance. Monkey molesting I know about the JP US spent first of all your piece on Tim. Bala came out a while ago and also your reporting for that piece was a while before that torture at artists right. We was also perfectly planned because I was going to go interview him in November while he was working in watch him make something with his November twenty. Twenty eight eighteen clarity back in the back in the Jurassic era. Yes and then he was going to put out the album because of course it was coming out in four months after and then he was. GonNa go headline Coachella sure perfect. You Know Nice music business. Timing area my creative choices around. My coachella plans accepted. The album wasn't ready for him. He wasn't done by the time he played coachella. Six days long did listen. I'm still listening to a set contract. I've been listening. It's last Wednesday salons in my mind anyway so anyway so it was like a very classic. I thought as someone who's interviewed a bunch of people like far in advance of their records like there is a sort of wake to squeeze the songs out. It's so hard like there. Is this kind of particular approach to creativity that he's I have to be locked in a room this by my stat. That seems to be in line with that. I think he played me ten tracks year and a half ago and what percent of those actually made all of them pretty much of the album. I mean okay. Some more finished another seat. He had is mental tracks for some. He had choruses and concepts for others. Borderline was pretty much done okay. But I don't know if the ten thousand extra layers of multi-track synthesizers are all in the version that he played me fair but it sounded pretty similar. The melody was there. The idea was there. I mean the other one who was pretty much done. It seems it might be time. And then a lot of the instrumental tracks for the others and he was talking about Stevie wonder he was talking about. Michael Jackson He was pretty clear on who he was finding in what was coming out. Do you guys hear that scope of ambition in the saw it coming into it as someone that maybe it's not totally sold on the VIBE. I maybe don't hear that complete reference frame ambition. But if you guys here and it could be either if you hear in. What ways do you think it's materialized in the songs I mean? I don't think I hear like Quincy level. Mj masterpiece type of thing going on. But and I don't think it's like near the level of shine or just like perfect pop hit Ted. I think of when I think of Mj. But like I don't know I I get a little bit of the Stevie five I in terms of like energy scope like ambition playing really caring about the technical level of playing and how it sounds and stuff like that. I don't know that I mean I think stevie wonder is like a genius of Economic Kevin Barker is a genus of music. I I get his music and I enjoy it a lot but yeah I don't think he's on that quite that level put and then I'll second. We all came. That's why Delphi side. But if you listen to lost in yesterday that's got a big crunchy. Stevie wonder synthesizer feel and let us remember that. Stevie wonder sits in a room alone and makes music to There's some kind of connection of the lone person and hearing all these interstitial things. We you know we went down in the basement and he sort of made a piece of music while I watched and it was crazy fascinating to watch. Here's a baseline here's cords on top of it. Wait a minute. I don't like those cordless to a completely different chord sequence that fits perfectly on top of the same baseline. Let's do a melody that takes a weird turn that you don't expect. And he's doing this in like ten seconds swerves between ideas It's just like pouring out of him and why it pours out of him. Yeah when it pours used that that bid on the album but he could do it and it was. He was in the flow as they say in Silicon Valley. He was enjoying himself. Anybody wants a manager stock portfolio for me please. I don't have any clue week for that. Can We talk about sort of Tame Impala in like the larger framework of both pop and rock music because he does feel that he's doing something that I don't WanNa say is completely original in the history of Pop music but in terms of what is happening now in those spaces? He seems to be occupying kind of a singular is that fair to say and if so why is it kind of gotten so much traction I think he is occupying a really interesting space. I'm always really interested in people that come out of Indie rock and are trying to both be still be like a musical innovator and make the album they wanna make but also participate in the deeply commercial parts of pop music and so I think he's interesting because he is not sacrificed what he's doing with his own music and tried to have a whole mainstream pop career with Tame Impala but he is fully. You know this stuff with Ronson and the people that Mark. Ronson has gotten him involved with just the level of of stuff he's doing. I mean when you're on yea or you're on Astra world or whatever like that is really a big deal is very loved by rappers he really is and I feel like it's like I kind of said this view but I feel like it's in part because he can write these guitar parts and things that like sound like samples but it is someone new always making Matt Gaetz obviously a lot. Easier to clear they can kind of customize a you know and I I get that I think it was travis that said like I need that guitar tone or whatever like when he wanted to work with him and I think he is occupying an interesting space and bringing some of his sound to music. That maybe wouldn't quite have that slant on it and your sample idea in the review was was great because it's it's why rappers like him they can dig into crates by opening up. Kevin Parker said. Do you think for on the level of texture like the the sonic quality of what he does. If that arrived from outer space not connected to Damon baller Kevin Barker. Where would you slot it? I feel like we accept the existence of Tame Impala now but I feel like you have another band just a rise took resentful just arrived out of nowhere. I think people wouldn't quite know what to do with it. Like tiny flavors of new age psychedelic all. These things are woefully out of fashion right now except new age. Maybe like two three years ago but anyway point too you know you got the point. Yeah so like where would we put this sound and I still feel like I wanna know like what is it about him? That's so triggering. Well I the thing he said in your piece. Jp that was like. I'm looking for something. I'm looking forward to people trying to parse like where what decade the stuff from and I think it really varies from song to song or even pieces of the song was part of a longer position. Because I I used the. Don't use this word word. I said talked about being psychedelic but the thing about psychedelics is not that I've had my experience with. Hallucinogens is limited to like one hand maybe But the thing is it's about this orientation. The ground falls away. You don't know what's up and down and the first album. Inter Speaker is psychedelic rock from the sixties but then the next albums are about temporal disorientation. It's like what era is this from. this goes with this. I can use seventy supertramp piano and I can use house. Music beats and I can use psychedelic buzzed guitar. It's where am I historically? Where am I? Stylistically it's outside the box which links him to hip hop which doesn't really care what you're a as long as leash. Listen to something from maybe from loaner ISM. That's my favorite of the team. In Bala records is their song that you guys particularly think is representative of this. I just love elephant all right elephant from liberalism.

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