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I did think I think we are coming out of the January. You know, sometimes you need to point fingers or look for excuses are important fingers at ourselves coaching staff and God it's like last week. The weather was terrible. We get the school suspended all week. We're the home team. And all of a sudden it felt like we were sleeping. We're all hibernating. You went to high school game Thursday night. There was nobody at any of the games that was actually to be honest. I've kind of worried about that because you know, everyone was locked in all week, and and that's kind of the feel we had. So I if but thank goodness we bounced out of it. And it was a real good strong efforts Saturday and in for the weekend from being lost that aside. I mean, maybe we all have to come to the reality. That right now, Ohio State is is the team in the big ten beatable team that you could have beat twice here. Okay. Let's forget that. But hey, the rest of the league it's pretty all tied for second. No, right. I mean, everybody is right there. And that there's a reason why there are a lot of splits. All those bad. There are some great reality. That are such true. When we form this league. When this league was formed a few years ago, you have very committed universities two two seven hockey programs right now. And and you can't you can't divvy up points in. To where you're going to be able to decipher a top to bottom. Yeah. A lot of years in this league. And and I know that's hard for many programs right now who who for years dominated conferences. And I'm not we're going to get back to where we need to beat. That's going to happen here. But also there might be years you've got a really good hockey team. And you're just knocking the hell out of each other. In a in a conference like this with just seven teams. I you know, if all of us wish we had a ten team conference. Did he get a little bit more? But we don't it's seven very strong hockey programs right now that are that are beat the snot out of each other. And hopefully what it does like last year when we got three teams in the frozen fourth. If we continue can do that things like that where we're really strong showing. And that's not the case right now in our league with strong at the NC, double A level. Then I are fans are fans are intelligent, these people, know hockey, and and. Now splitting with Michigan is not a crime. How we did. It. Friday's not is a crime. I will say, but. Let's get to the good. I've got something. Good for you. It's kinda good. And it's kind of like, really? This guy Tyler she, okay. Out of your last nine goals. He's been involved in eight of them. That's good. But. Mother. You know, we we gotta get more guys involved. Northern. Just I had a I had a stat there. I gotta go back here from today. He's got eighteen points in the last twelve games. Yeah. That's great. That's not good. Tyler she he's finding now a lot of it's our power plays on fire. It should be right. You need it to be you know, once Tommy no of actually adjusted back there in pit lakes. Same things straight games. Great. Those guys are feeling Tyler. She had fifty points of sophomore kid's got a track record of it right now. We need more consistency. We need a little more five on five play two out of that group that they know it. That's yeah. There's some fun stuff happening with us to were like that group of guys right now gates and like Tommy Novak's finding his game right now in but it's taken a little power play to ignite him. And he's in is he a different player Williams for me right now. Sure, he's playing at a high level. The we have some things happening inside our program like that the one that started Pat who she who's on fire right now and feeling good about his game. That's not gonna once you get there as an athlete, you do not change you might have an off night. But we're going to stay there. The negative those how we've been given goals up in that we weren't doing that earlier in the year. Now the last three weeks we've got to get back onto the and I'm gonna stay right now. I think it's you go through a little bit of the January that that's the dark days sometimes in our game. I I'm sure hoping and we're going to be doing everything in our power to get back and get tighter right now. Because we've got a better offense of team right now, we gotta get back to how we were playing defense. Keeping goals out of our that happens. We we can we can make some more noise. Donald Trump one thing that's bugging me. And I'm sure it's bugging you. And and is the number of shots that you're giving up per game. Right. I mean, do the math, right? The more shots. They get the more chances. They are of scoring your goal. Tender's been terrific. But. Not not as strong as we were there for a while. I'm not pointing a finger as much as I am. You know, statistically? Yeah. Yeah. That's what I'm getting at is. That is an emphasis is that. We'll we'll be an emphasis is that cut down the number of shots. Or is position is your own end is it's Tombo. It's a it's a combo right now of a few things one. Our forwards have to do a better job of supporting us and not I think they're feeling the offense. And I think we did hit the the the dark days of a season, you're gonna come back with more detail. Our forests have to be more responsible. And I thought Friday nights really put an emphasis, and that's what we did when Penn State was here. The first time we had good good support from our forwards back. Our de corps has slid backwards right now. We've got to get that group. Dial back in. I mean, we gave up some goals on Saturday night that had no business getting up to get Michigan back in the game. And that we've got to tighten up how we defend from a defensive standpoint. And our goal is to get dialed back in and insure horn. He would have played this weekend. But he got sick as a dog Thursday night, and he went down. So I think rob you need a little time off, but he Robbie battled back Saturday forest, but we're going to get back in there and. We've got things we got things we can do some things that we can play out better. We have some things we can tinker with as we get ready for the playoffs. So that's going to be a fun part? Right now is is is some of the things we can do some judgements and some better plaid individuals to to tighten things up. Golden gophers currently sitting in second place in the big ten conference standings will to step aside for a break and come back and talk more hockey with head coach Bob Moscow. You're listening to gopher hockey on learfield. IMG college..

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