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Isn't only buddy you. And you it and there's actually been a bunch of remix. Now is a remake of a remake still remake. And that's also with tainted. Love. The song. It's a good song to catchy song. Very Eighty Song. However the song was actually first recorded by Gloria Jeans in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five. Social ran with that one and. You ask saucer who exactly. Speaking of WHO Norman Greenbaum I don't even know. I think before I was researching this question that I don't know if I ever knew the artist to. Spirit in the sky. But his name is Norman Greenbaum. And it's the only thing he's done the always done and he was inspired by. Expired to make the song and he did in fifteen minutes. And it became a commercial success. It's all over you see it in commercials. Now you see it in even movies or. People's entrance songs sports so very, very interesting. And then we come to. The. Surface. The group that gave you wipe out. Wipeout yet that one. Their one hit only hit. And then to never be seen again, however, the song was so popular, it has been so popular throughout the ages that they have been were inducted into the musicians hall of fame in Tennessee just goes to show. All takes his one. Guitar. And you make a big. Now this is this last one is one of my favorites. craziest thing about it is that it's it's a catchy song that's a catchy tune in and the story behind the story of in within the song is pretty cool. But then the story about the song evolution, the song is even more mysterious and that's Tommy two tones and that's that's a group that's not a guy and they're eight, six, seven, five, three, nine Jenny. Even, the band doesn't know how. The song. Groot where it came from. Some speculation in urban myth of you will revolves around a prostitute. But we'll never know. Unless you know any members of the band Tubby two-tone Now encourage you to go find these songs. You don't know any songs. They're all fun and I guarantee you. You go finally solid, check it out on youtube or something and. They'll be in your head for the rest of the day. These are some of my top one hit wonders. What are yours? No. Eighty underscore foster. At instagram and twitter. One of the most come to close I. Hope you enjoyed hanging out with me here on my Dick in doing the October New York City Air it's beautiful..

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