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The other thing is like if I do that. I'm not going to be seen as like, no white stripe across your nose. Bring new wave back, and I have to wear like like, what does that vest that he had, but it's not like a revolutionary vest. Exactly. Isn't it like it's a high? Did you guys didn't anybody sing street when they had the argument about he's like he's a highway man. Not a wait. What does the other kids say? Yeah, he's like Adam ant's, not that he's women. You saw him recently in concert. Right. Adamant. No, I didn't actually did. I he had the cancel I had tickets for the first time, and then like his guitarist died or some crazy thing, and then they cancelled, and then I didn't go see you when he rescheduled it, by the way, I think that thing that he wore that you're asking about Elliott is a French like eighteenth century or nineteenth century also. Or maybe I'm confusing him with Don Johnson. I can't I can't pull it the the beyond the beyond the six minutes. Yeah. With that. But does anywhere like a native American sort of like respite Afo you're doing the dances with wolves? As the. Yeah. All right. So, you know, if I if I go that way with the thing that I have to do that. And then there's all those problems you have to do you do what you want? What you like from it? I would love just with the head. This is not a bad idea for a comedy got actually if you had like the full regalia like like revolutionary war period. And then someone comes up to you. And it's like, hey, hey. Who's your who's your commander? I've with that. That guy commander. Yeah. Exactly. Couple of gun the bullets at your gun. We move undercover when we move as one. Do that again. Having an acid trip all his waving his hands in this Fazli catcher that Elliott act. I didn't know it was coming. I didn't either look some kind of a bug fly Oliver hardy plane with his but. All right now. Listen got a celebrity siding. Oh, dude after the birth. Yes. Jake leave back right after this. Hey, guys, Matt here are some dates for you, April Richardson is on Twitter at eight p e y she's also.

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