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A little oh surprise he had a question oh boy lovely w won't as you know twenty four alive say that again our guys got what was that why why people filing out last night usga yes i question what's a question what is it i think was horrible guy that question why is it why down 21 got one oh boy kellie how are you oh boy it is not going to say i would say that again what was that albert albert albert it's not a question to ask you ask one stupid sir you say that i got okay fine gael please liable be can't stop aerobic don't you flick albert this big chance may take your point last one night with one of those banner night it was one of those nights of unity not only how are you a little one point in the fourth quarter why will people even matches i don't get it why why people who have got wave w i think they will leave the statement masses out because they were getting blown out this book twelve o'clock at night and they and they had worked in you don't have to just wake up take the meds and then go the group therapy take your your diaper changing all lying dead on day i mean some people have actually work idiots seventy twenty seven fridge we'll touch i am upcoming you really should be a weekend host like on may be that show intervals and which drove the sompong okay mud charlie weis nauert without a doubt guy charlie weis his daughter safe alan charlie weis in albert we could alec alik alan charlie that's a good show ellen charlie yeah they could break down x is ineligible football guys yes all by albert's arcore football k right some some of those caixin cookies that albert has lent around the house you could bring up and they could have david i think he may get may make it charlie weis.

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