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Example of a song that probably could have gone either in the reputation era or in the lover era in the reputation era as just part of a big tent ambitious experimentation and the lover era of like, hey, we're throwing ten different things at the wall and most of them are pretty good because we thought through each of the individual ten things. Glitched to me of these 7 songs is the best. Four of these songs literally should never have been released. They're actively damaging to the Taylor Swift. But that goes for most bonus checks. I think we're holding Taylor bonus tracks to a higher standard than most because we actually listened to them. Bonus tracks are bad. Bonus checks are fan service and streaming boosts. I agree, but I just don't think it's important. It's not the album. Bonus tracks are never good. However, I think the bonus tracks on her rerecordings have been at least on the red rerecording. The Taylor's version of red, we need to kind of unpack this too, just how incredibly prolific she's been in the past few years. You know, we haven't talked much about the rerecordings, but I think they fit into this record both in the backwards glancing nature of the project, but also in how she's just like completely saturated the market and is still hitting all these milestones and streaming wise and stuff. And I definitely think the bonus tracks are mostly streaming filler a la too long Drake album to go back to her imagined collaborator, but she's just now completely emptying the vaults and putting everything out there. I find it a little fatiguing as a fan. To go through all these songs, I think I was appreciative that the record was only 13 songs long, and then we got this dump of the rest of them. And I think, you know, again, I think she's just in this mode of both looking back at her past, but also throwing everything out there, even the rough drafts. And I just super serving the fans. Yeah, but I want things to be a little more labored over. I agree with the idea that this record feels rushed. It doesn't feel like there was another pass given to some of these writings. There's a rough draft feel to a lot of it. Dark lane demos. One thing she mentioned behind the scenes at about the creation that's interesting is and that I had forgotten about it is that she said they made a lot of it while their partners were starring in a movie together. Have you guys seen the trailer for the Joe alwyn Margaret qualley film? Shout out Claire Denis. Yeah, shout out Claire Denis, although maybe a rare misstep for the queen. Based on that trailer. But I think that that's an interesting, it's an interesting framing for this project when you think of your romantic partners making something together and you feeling almost like you have to do something while they're busy together as a compliment to. I don't know. It's a very strange dynamic and it'll make for an interesting page and a half in the Taylor Swift bio in 25 years. Wow. Wait, I wanted to mention something about glitch.

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