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This that is the chief of police in Atlantic beach Florida which is near Jacksonville and of course there's a lot of attention being being paid to Jacksonville beach as the storm moves up the coast our Katrina scales is in Cape Canaveral she is going to give us an update it little bit later this hour in the last update she said rain started moving in the wind started picking up a little bit there was not one single vessel at the entire in the entire port of Canaveral also our Darryl moody will be checking back in from Palm Beach county they are breathing a big sigh of relief but Daryl telling me that tropical storm warning is still in effect in Palm Beach county although people I have started taking down their boards already and businesses starting to re open their in Palm Beach county five seventeen and news that a six point five W. D. B. L. we had a news conference of course from Orange County emergency management officials and mayor Jerry Deming's earlier today they are expected to hold another news conference at seven o'clock tonight we're going to take that news conference when ever it happens that's all of Orange County emergency management we heard from a doctor Martinez with Orange County earlier today about some shelters. everybody of going along with a message from the mayor that the shoulders are open we have to special needs shelters open one at university high school the other one at freedom high school you do not need to pre register to be able to go to the to the shelter you can I just go if you feel that you're not safe at home during the storm are both special needs shelters are pad friendly so you if you have a pet that you're concerned about that is what's keeping your home please do not hesitate bring the pad with you if you're planning to attend the shelter please.

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