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Back. You told me this morning when we spoke on my program in Iowa, that this was not an easy sell to publishers, and I find that fascinating. I had about 5 publishers turned me down because they said, there's no way parents are going to buy a book about a spider. People don't like spiders. And I found out from my wilder series, just kind of my middle grade series that I write for Random House. Children love spiders. They love anything that creeps and crawls and scares us. So I said, look, it doesn't matter if you like it or not. That's what the legend is. It's about this spider. I can't change the story. So I stuck to my guns or to my webs and we marched forward, found the right publisher. And it's been a hit since emerged and the audience really discovered it because it's true. At the heart of it, the story is true. And that's a power. That just sounds like such a stereotypical New York publishing house response. Well, if we could turn the spider into a dog, then it would be okay, well, in our final Christmas, you know, there we go, the horse that saved Christmas. That's lovely. All right, in our final minute, two minutes or so with Raymond Arroyo on the Todd starring show. This is a troubled time in so many different ways. What is the message of Christmas that is especially helpful for listeners to this program in this unique year of 2021. Well, it's the one I discovered writing this book and that is no matter how dark things may appear. And they appear very bleak and dark right now. You might see in your cave hunger down you're worried about what's outside fear not. There is light among us. He has come and rice is here. The Christ child is coming. I had a dear friend, mother Angelica, who founded DW TN. I'm sure people are familiar with or seen her on TV. She's the kind of jolly cheery nun in the old habit. Mother Angelica when she would come up the halls of the network this time of year. We're just coming. He's coming like little child. So filled with expectation and joy and excitement. And we all need to recapture that because he is coming and he will soon be here. And if you really believe, there's no room for fear. There's no room for aunts to worry. You can come out of that case because God still in charge and his light is among us. What a tremendous message. Mister Arroyo, thank you so much for the time. Thank you for spreading this message and all the work that you do a very Merry Christmas to you and yours. Merry Christmas, do you have any look, thank you for the dress rehearsal earlier today. It made me better this time. It feels better soon. And I promise, I'm not going to call you a third time today. How's that? Well, now I'm disappointed. Okay, my friend. You're very Christmas. All your listeners and Todd rests that voice. We need it. Absolutely true. Raymond Arroyo. You know him from EWT and Fox nation. Fox channel on television, but we know him today as the author of the wonderful children's book, multi generational book, thank you very much. It's called the spider that saved Christmas. He's Raymond Arroyo and he joined us on the Todd starnes program. One of the great things about doing this show, I'll mention briefly before we go to the break is, and I've said this before that grace baker, the executive producer, the program, when it looks like I might be filling in says, is there anyone you'd like to invite on the program? And so I had suggested, well, you know, Raymond Arroyo would be a great guest, not knowing that I would be talking to him on my program earlier today and then here with you, but he is just such a wonderful spirit and a wonderful outlook. Raymond Arroyo, the spider that saved Christmas. It's also not the first time I've talked to a person twice in one day when I filled in on this program. It happened one other time, so those of you keeping score, and I don't know why you would..

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