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Has there ever been someone defeated when seeking election to a second four year term? Third terms? Yes. Second terms. No. And that's where every either major party So it tells you just how big the road is. The Jim James Craig has to take down Gretchen Whitmer. But speaking about my buddy Bill Ballenger, and we wanted to get him on today and we weren't able to make the connection. He's got a great blog post today. Here's the headline Whitmer, maybe Michigan's worst governor ever. But she's still likely to be re elected. Uh and he makes it pretty strong case, he said. It's not even her handling of the state's response to the covid epidemic, though, he said. She certainly has destroyed businesses, damaged public education, ruins people's livelihoods and injured their physical and mental health. He said. It didn't have to be this bad incoherence, unpredictability and internal contradictions of Whitman's unilateral mandates have been apparent to all even while she didn't follow her own edicts. Michiganders learned that she doesn't abide by the same freedom killing rules she imposed on every resident of Michigan. She shunned masked when she's with her friends. She was caught red handed, violating her own social distancing guidelines. And, of course, she went on that now infamous trip down to Florida and he says, for those that want to call me is sexist, and I'm just picking on the female governor. He said. Look, I don't think she can hold a candle to Jennifer Grand home he makes she makes grand home look like a combination of Winston Churchill and Joan of Arc. And he goes on, and I mean it's line five. It's one thing after another, And as he says, it's also the transparency, the fact that when she was called out Some of her duplicity on these things. That she ducked it. She didn't answer the questions. Um, I want to give you a little bit more about James Craig. He talked about how he became a Republican. And we invite your your thoughts on. What do you think he makes an effective candidate against scratching? Whitmer, 1 808 5909571 808 590 wjr. Delighted to hear from you. He talked about the fact that he was in Los Angeles. In the beginning of the conversion is he was watching How democratic policies in the city of Angels just weren't working. Cut for what struck me early in my police career. Is that many African Americans are most vulnerable communities. We're in a tragic cycle of poverty. That was generational. And while I couldn't fully understand the reasons I realized that the policies in many of our cities fail, I came to realize that the Republican Party's initial fight to end physical bondage. Was today, replaced by economic bondage, which we see in our vulnerable communities of color. We know That handouts increased dependency on government. Only for the purpose of political game. No, he made he made a very impassioned self reliance message. And I thought resonated. Really, Especially with the one lady there in the audience that apparently thought she was in church. Yeah, Yeah, it's so And also, he said, you know, is it my my conversion went, I went further to the right. When Maxine Waters came to town in the wake of the Rodney King. Riots and I had her speak to a group of African American law enforcement officers. It's a group called the Oscar Joe Bryant Foundation, he said. I invited her to speak. We were going to. We were there to talk about solutions, but we got something much different from her cut. Five And during our meeting she displayed disrespect..

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