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M. talk the all clear has been given in Winston Salem where a gas leak caused a bit of a commotion today fox eight says a construction crew ruptured the line it Fairlawn drive and Reynolds road while Piedmont natural gas work to cap the leak three businesses were evacuated as a precaution everything was brought under control about one thirty this afternoon roads that have been blocked were re opened an event designed to be a safe place for teens turned out to be anything but so a triad city is pulling the plug hi Wilson explains the Sportsplex in Greensboro had been hosting city sponsored summer night lights events but after an accident last weekend involving hundreds of disorderly teens the city's canceled the final event that had been planned for Friday night a spokeswoman told the news and record they were concerned about not having enough staff to supervise the event nearly a dozen fights broke out last Friday night at least sixty five first responders were called in to break it up I'm Carl Wilson a mother who left three kids inside a car yesterday in north Charlotte is being charged with neglect WSOC TV says the car was parked outside a Harris parkway office building while the woman went inside to apply for a job in employee called police after finding the kids who were ages five months two years and four years old paramedics say the children were not injured a video that shows what happens when an aunt sting shoe is going viral this week it shows an ampere seen a wax paper with its stinger and releasing venom a lot of the comments are I didn't even know answered stingers I thought it was just a bite that hurts so ants do by you could just fighting to hold on so they can insert their singer estructura Adrian Smith with the NC museum of natural sciences on A. B. C. eleven he doesn't think anyone's film than and staying like this before nearly a million have you the video with continuing news updates I'm.

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