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Toll free telephone number. You want it to be a part of the program? All right, Donna in Staten Island. Donna, how are you? And you know, exactly what's going on in New York because you're in the heart pain, all this money. My friends. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Do you think it's better that she keeps on running her her pyeho, or do you think it's better that we should? Attention because there's two schools of thought some of my friends go, no talk because the more she talks and more people go on the planet is this check from and the other school of thought is why are we giving her so much attention? What do you think what's your opinion opinion is? I know let her talk. I'll let them all talk the party of late term abortion. They're the party of confiscatory taxes. Let the let them go out and sell this new green deal with no planes. No automobiles the combustion engine oil. No gas, no cows and government with government, guaranteed everything. There was an interesting article in the American thinker. How Cossio Cortes had a failed company, and how that failed company is a tax deadbeat and how a warrant has been filed over unpaid taxes to New York. Anyway, they she founded this brook avenue press company in two thousand twelve publishing children's books in the Bronx. They owe the state of New York one thousand eight hundred seventy dollars and thirty six cents in corporate taxes. I wonder when she's gonna pep by the way, but it was you or me we we be handcuffed and put in jail and our lives. Would probably be over much scrutiny my taxes get every year. Donna, do you know, you you just just because you're an outspoken conservative? It is hilarious. I can imagine speaking of New York at taxes. Did you see that that brilliant waste of money by Andrew Cuomo for warns people that now that we had to adjust our time with daylight saving time. He told us to be careful driving because it's gonna be dark. They wasted thousands of hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to help people something that should be as clean as the nose on his face. Unbelievable, Donna, we love you. All right. We're gonna take calls final half hour of the show eight hundred nine four one Sean we have so much tonight. All this this liberal love fest. We got all the tape tonight. We've got huge updates and developments on the deep state fake news CNN already two hundred and fifty million dollars. Good luck against Lynnwood. My money's on Lynnwood. I'll bet anything their coverage of the Covington high school kids, we'll get to that. President Trump's disco twenty twenty budget blueprint calls for multiple across the board. Spending cuts in an effort to trim a growing deficit acting budget director Ross votes has some of the rub budding we'll go to protect the border federal resources in front line defenders are overwhelmed at the southern border in the fiscal year. Twenty twenty budget provide sizable funding of an eight point six billion dollars for full completion of the wall and other border security resources China, Indonesia, several airlines around the world have grounded the Boeing seven thirty-seven max, eight correspondent David McKenzie reports crews remained at the scene of the airlines crash separating parts of the end of this. What was a brand new Boeing from parts of the fuselage? There's also been a tragic moments of bringing out the remains of those lost on this flight on Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average rose two hundred one points. I'm Ann Cates..

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