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I just have to tell you this I just had to meet you. Did you after you had acted disturb this person's life that was sold them a favor but I could fall in? I could see myself falling into that trap. Yeah that with Matson Dean. Once and later I was like why did I start talking to Matson Dean and make him feel weird. I don't even like the leafs. I don't even like Matson Dean. What's this is like fame changes you as a human being on the spot. Sometimes so I just basically. I walked by Bill. Burr and I had no regrets. I don't WanNa meet my hero in this case. Because what if he's a prick? Then what if all a good thing that? I walked by so yeah sometimes you don't WanNa meet your heroes. You know it turns out to be like a little bit unappealing and then then then I'm not guy the guy who pulls the shoot not make Marianna hero nine euro and what if you meet somebody on a bad day. Yeah exactly exactly and you hope that all that all that to say there are also these cases where the disease on Saris of the world right about that. I just got a raw deal. That's just a kind of. He's kind of Goof. He's kind of a goofball with no game but he got he got he got invalided to something bigger into this Louis C. K. and Harvey Weinstein thing. Then you know Darby Weinstein is a monster Louis C. Monster as he's on sorry you know he was he just he just asked for a blowjob in a weird way. You know what it felt like I. There's those cases also that you're like I can't really get behind that one. He's kind of goofball and he was you know I heard his latest special. He did feel genuinely. It seemed like he was genuinely shamed and humiliated. Yeah appreciate of people coming out because it could all be taken away from you at any moment. That's interesting. Les Man This has been This has been great. Meant I appreciate all the time right. I really do. I feel like you're a guy who I feel. I feel I am talking to a comedy fan. Who could talk about it forever over sure thanks? Yeah yeah listen if if people want to keep up with what you're doing whether it's your new cooking endeavors or whatnot. Where's the best place for them to go Standup ALI DOT COM is the website. I'm about to go in and put the word can sold on a bunch of gigs. It's all right. People can see like the life of an artist and how these things go but a standup. I lead dot. Com is the website and then everything else is by Leon on instagram on twitter on facebook at underbelly. Now now you brought up another question. I have You know so whether it's you I know you've you've got the the glamorous CBC GIG and But again there's other artists leather comedians. that you know there were serving a restaurant like you said they're Dicamba in both of those things have been taken away from them. What can what little can we.

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