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That now or way. Okay i will do the finished puzzle and then we'll start getting into some of those closing thoughts getting into where where where we think. Some of this went so our finish puzzle includes arianators films. Both hereditary and midsomer murder the house that jack built uncut gems and good time. Boogie nights and adaptation. So that is our final list of puzzle pieces a lot of anxiety. Inducing films in there which i think this movie absolutely goes into that great tradition of movies that you just sit there. And you're like jesus christ wears. So what closing thoughts do you have like. What didn't we get into while talking about puzzle pieces that you really wanna talk about what this movie. We talk about. Spoilers right sure. So i think after watching it. I'm not entirely convinced that the second have so hard it feels like the first half is her coming to terms of the inspiration. She seeing between the the. You know what's happening between christopher abbott and sarah and then i think the second part i don't know how much of it exists in reality. Sure because it's never what what really made me think. That was the literally at the end of the movie or were back at the beginning and we see her sitting on that you know the doctor. Yeah and i'm wondering if the middle segment is what's to come from the inspiration that. She garnered while on the retreat. Okay so that's kind of where i landed and i'm not sh- in that's what i find so fascinating is like. Is that middle piece lake. Did that actually happen. Or is that what is to come and then. When did she start. The relationship with christopher in cassandra's clearly not with her with christopher anymore. So it's very fascinating. I feel like the middle part is what's to come. I just don't know the pieces that bring that together yet. Sure yeah and and also you may. My interpretation is not too far off from that but a little different just to me. They're none of them are what's happened but to me. She you know went through some kind of break up in his writing Generally about that situation and the probably the person who caused that breakup and kind of mixing and mashing those little bits of her real life into these stories. I don't think either the stories are. I think her stories are just kind of getting crazy. I think if the film was to continue after that last seen of her waking up and going to write again. I think the third one would have been even crazier like i think or ideas are just getting a little bit a little bit further out there as she goes you know in the way that she incorporates her her real life into her her writing ideas so to me that i think it's kind of an endless cycle of of the idea is just getting crazier and crazier and i. I wish i could see the third idea to has. I'm sure it'd be nuts. I mean she gives such. I mean i i love the entire cast Like i said in the beginning. I'm a huge fan of aubrey plaza. Also a huge fan of christopher abbott. Who just came out possessor who. He's phenomenal on that. So i think that their performance really drove the film but seeing aubrey plaza. She's always in like these quirky kind of weird roles but this fell like this felt like an aubrey plaza. Movie that we've all been waiting for in terms of blake. Really just stepping out of what she usually does in jessica killing it and i really hope she gets love. This award season tread phenomenal. That would be amazing if she does. Because i mean she definitely deserves it and i mean it is. It is such an out their performance. And they're so much to it. I mean it and it's different from anything. We've really seen her before. I mean we. We've seen shades of it but it it definitely just goes so much bigger but warranted bigger and bigger for bigger sake. I mean it is. It is I think she's perfect curls. Yeah and it was interesting to see her. I wasn't a huge fan at at i. I'd only seen like parks and rec really. And i don't use like goofy and then i started watching more films as she was in. I was like oh. She's really good. And then i saw the first shift saw was when she played the mom. In the new child's play remake. I was like interesting like that would not have been my first pick in. I thought she did great lake. You know for all the issues of the film hats to them to see her. Go from that to. i mean i know. She had other films after that like happy seasons of but to see her go from that to then something so weird and bizarre that fits in a category that we just you know all these movies just listed. It's kind it's really impressive. It really is. It really is and i. I very much look forward to hearing your thoughts. Once you get around to ingrid goes west because she is good in that to my partner keeps telling me we have to watch it so i need to. He really wants to watch it so i need to do it. Talk about dark said really. Oh yeah look so like neon pau. L. does knit does. But yeah no i. I think that does it for black bear for now. Although i know. I'll be continuing to think about it for a long time after this conversation but Shannon this was great. I i always ask my guests at the end if there's another movie that they watch recently that they'd like to recommend to our listeners. That's a loaded question. Johnson a lot. I've been watching so many so many Honestly the one that's really been sticking with me in is probably gonna make my top tan is Sound of metal. Oh yeah that is a such just. That movie blew me away resides performances jussie so good. That will be broke me so that i guess i'm gonna throw in a horror movie if you haven't watched underwater yet. I just love that movie. Okay all right. i still haven't seen it. i need. I need to watch that one of these so good. It's so okay. All right well that's on. That's going on my watch list for sure. So on do you tell people again where they could find nightmares conjuring and everything. You're up to sure. You can find conjuring on facebook and instagramat nightmarish conjuring and on. Twitter were nightmarish and it's spelled an i. G. h. t. m. a. r. and then the number one s h because we couldn't write all of nightmares drinks that that works. Whatever whatever you have to do on twitter well thank you so much sandwich was a. It was a great conversation..

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