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You rebels radio presents the two of US shorts with neo me Watterson Albert Frederick. High, this is naming lattice. Routes Myself Alba freshdirect talking to people across the globe about that pandemic experience. And its relationship to creativity, mental health and emotional wellbeing. And as always I'd like to trigger warning. These adult shows of the themes will be complex and interesting, and maybe it sometimes be triggering. If you're over ten the disposition today, put this on pause and put market. Valetta otherwise die right. So Shakira amazing to have you own the Cher welcome to the two of short. You are not only Chicago. Peres you are traveling further. Your Lady Shaka and when I was prepping for the dog Raju. I had too much stuff to locales hours like Oh my God. Look women do like you do the powerhouse. Honestly, it's amazing survey yet. Really looking forward to chatting Te- today, and for those of you who don't know her. A read this little bit about you, I think. Feel. Feel free to derain spin on it. By the way it described you quite well. It was on the police to dwelled page, and it said. At Lady Shocker is a DJ and autism of Africa Polynesian descent. A hails from the island of Samoa Tokelau Tahiti Marquess. Terrified that right New Zealand on Cape Cod. And just to add to that your you'll the direction curator of low to underworld. A DJ photographer writer. designed. have. I missed anything else. I love it I love it. Thank you. Yes! Just kind of bring back to the time that I met you. You'll like no one I've ever met. Where you're gay. Just shine, you know you have this wonderful energy around you on this pride in south that is just like fire like everyone is drawn to you and you've got this really really magical spirit and I'm so happy that you just keep pushing through making creating building connections and spreading your joy, and your love and just WanNa stop by saying, thank you, Sir much just for being the fullest that you are. And I guess one of my. My first question is about identity. And always thinking about law of of who you are you to stick practice revolves around your identity. Your different heritage's and meet about myself because I have mixed heritage I was I was born here. My Mom from Bolivia my dad's from Jamaica, and his family's from the Caribbean from England and For me passively, that's been quite. An interesting place in some with I haven't fully embraced I. Touch in and out of it, but it's almost. Floats around me and I engage as in when whereas with you I see that as being like a really concrete, Pau. High Express yourself and I just wanted. Maybe will identity was to you and how you, so of navigate, will those different beautiful spaces that existing year? Shaw I'm I just want to start by saying, thank you. That was such a cute little like. I was like I WANNA cry. Thanks ELVA. I think for anyone who is mixed race or has moti heritage's. I guess if that's better way to say it. Can Be confusing and may identity is not only who you in terms of your lineage, not only who you are because of your gender, not any who because of. The way you see yourself, but at a so much more than just just because I feel a lot of people, try and shape you identity by some what they perceive of. Based on the way they perceive you and I think that's something that a lot of people struggle with and I feel like it's something that we kinda nate to. Commit not even just as a community, but. It would be nice for other mixed race people to share their identities and share their experiences because I think it would make so many more people come to embrace all that they are not just student sides. I feel like we we as mixed race. People have Solomon Elias. Terrell identity and sometimes it can be. It can be easier to be drawn to one side more than the other infamy growing up in new, Zealand I obviously was exposed more to my pollination side and once again even more than that was exposed more to my indigenous moldy side, because I went through indigenous sculling and it's something that I. The more and more I grew up the moral people I met and learnt from, and may were also effort. Pollination kind of helped me to. Start opening up those labs opening those doors, those auto mocked. Wife is so long to discover my history, my ancestry straight and you're not I. Just found found that there was some inspiration from just from my own experience of my culture of my ancestry. and. I, guess I've also vein board by parents who went ways quite vocal about and. Celebrating our heritage. Now Culture. Celebrating what it meant to be? A person of color as well and. It's kind of. Grounded me I guess in a sense and also. Helped made to become the person that came into the shop and. Also as an artist as well, I have a question. Yeah. Yeah Thank you I'd like to in. To Wisdom. Something about that the wisdom in the different heritage is that you that you have in how we can tap into those as well. I guess I want to ask is. What do you? What kind of wisdom do you get, is it? Is it. Spiritual is, is it? Is it. Is it the music or is it won't just collection Ju kind of pick and choose what you love. What speaks to you? From each each call view I feel it's more exactly.

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